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European University Cyprus
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The Ioannis Gregoriou School of Business Administration

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The School of Business Administration conducts programs leading to  Bachelor and Master degrees.

The purpose of the school curriculum is to prepare students for responsible roles and positions in the management of a variety of organizations. While many students choose to apply the knowledge gained through their undergraduate experience to careers in business, the school curriculum is designed to offer an understanding of the complexities and analytical tools involved in the management of governmental, educational, health-related and other types of organizations. In addition, business graduates often choose to continue their academic careers through graduate study in business and economics.


European University Cyprus is the first organisation in Cyprus which in association with theBloomberg Institute, is offering students and recent graduates the chance to take the Bloomberg Assessment Test (BAT) FREE of charge on campus every quarter since Fall Semester 2012. The BAT is offered in over 1000 universities and business schools around 75 countries and is an anonymous general knowledge and finance test that helps in marketing yourself to the best financial employers around the world. Taking this opportunity now will enable you

    to identify your professional strengths compared to other students competing for the same jobs and will tell you where you need to improve. Companies such as TeachFirst, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, AIG, Kellogg Company, Robert W. Baird, European Commission, Guggenheim Partners, Macro Risk Advisors, BP, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Fitch Rating, FTI Consulting, Hamilton Lane, Pierpont Securities, and RBS actively recruit through the BAT.


    General Objectives

    • To develop the student's capacity to think, write and speak effectively and creatively.
    • To develop an appreciation of and respect for social, moral and ethical values as the foundation of one's relationship to others and one's responsibilities to community and country.
    • To develop the student's analytical, decision making and communication competencies together with those qualities of self reliance, responsibility, integrity and self-awareness which will promote personal achievement and contribution to organizations.
    • To build breadth of perspective through the general education requirements and provide sufficient specialization to meet basic professional and career requirements.
    • To provide the student with basic requirements for academic and/or career advancement.

Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance

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Department of Management and Marketing

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