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Psychology (Bachelor of Arts)


The psychology program is academic but also equips students with the labor market skills necessary by the profession. It provides students with a solid background in psychology and its methods. Students will focus on contemporary developments in the field of psychology and be prepared for careers in applied research, human resources and health services.


Advisory Board

The program is offered in both Greek and English

General Objectives

  • to develop the student’s capacity to think, write and speak effectively and creatively;
  • to develop an appreciation of and respect for social, moral, and ethical values as the foundation of one’s relationship to others and one’s responsibilities to community and country;
  • to develop the students analytical, decision-making and communication competencies together with those qualities of self reliance, responsibility, integrity and self-awareness which will promote personal achievement and contribution to organizations;
  • to build breadth of perspective through the general education requirements and provide sufficient specialization to meet basic professional and career requirements;
  • to provide the student with the basic requirements for academic and/or career advancement.

Specific Objectives

  • to provide the students with a solid training in psychology and its methods.
  • to foster awareness of contemporary developments and issues in psychology.
  • to prepare students for careers in fields that utilize knowledge of psychology and its methods. Such fields might include: applied research, human resources and health services.
  • to provide graduates with a thorough academic basis for advancing to higher level education in psychology and related disciplines. Such preparation can lead to professions in a wide range of specialized fields, such as, within: mental health, applied research, education, and human resources management.

Learning Outcomes

  • Have detailed knowledge and understanding of a range of current models, theories, concepts, research and issues in key areas of Psychology.
  • Be able to apply a wide range of psychological concepts to understand behavior in various contexts.
  • Be able to confidently engage in conducting research, including the design and analysis of experiments, questionnaires and of qualitative research methods.
  • Be able to evaluate information in order to plan and implement investigative and research strategies.
  • Be able to work independently within a structured context.
  • Be able to work effectively in a team
  • Appreciate the importance of professional development.
  • Be able to take responsibility for her own learning and self development
  • Demonstrate the ability to comprehend and synthesize creatively multiple perspectives.

Employment Opportunities

Applied psychology, applied research, human resources management and  mental health services, among others.

Degree Requirements

All students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology must complete the following requirements:

Degree Requirements Credits ECTS
General Education Requirements 21 37
Major Requirements 63 121
Major Electives

Students select twelve courses from the following list

36 67
Free Electives 9 15
Total Requirements 129 240

General Education Requirements 21 Credits 37 ECTS
Code Course Title Credits ECTS
COM101 Public Speaking 3 5
CSC190 Computer Fundamentals and Applications 3 5
ENG103 Instruction in Expository Writing 3 6
ENG104 Technical Writing 3 5
MAT130 College Algebra 3 5
MAT131 Finite Mathematics with Calculus 3 5
PHL102 Introduction to Ethics 3 6
N/A Social Sciences and Humanities Elective 3 6

Major Requirements 63 Credits 121 ECTS
Code Course Title Credits ECTS
PSY110 Psychology I 4 7
PSY111 Psychology II 4 7
PSY115 Statistics in Psychologigal Science I 3 5
PSY213 Social Psychology 3 6
PSY225 Statistics in Psychological Science II 3 6
PSY240 An Introduction to Biopsychology 3 6
PSY250 Developmental Psychology 3 5
PSY252 Health Psychology 3 5
PSY253 Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology 3 6
PSY270 Experimental Psychology 4 7
PSY313 Personality 3 6
PSY330 Psychopathology I 3 6
PSY335 Cognition 3 6
PSY340 Theories of Learning 3 6
PSY345 Psychology Measurement 3 6
PSY353 Sensation and Perception 3 6
PSY390 History and Systems of Psychology 3 6
PSY401 Research Methods in Psychology 3 6
PSY453 Senior Project in Psychology 3 7
PSY454 Practicum in Psychology 3 6

Major Electives 36 Credits 67 ECTS

Students select twelve courses from the following list

Code Course Title Credits ECTS
PSY203 Child and adolescent development 3 6
PSY205 Adult Development and Aging 3 6
PSY206 Fundamentals of Human Sexuality 3 5
PSY212 Psychology of Gender 3 5
PSY215 An Introduction to Group Dynamics 3 5
PSY217 Psycholinguistics 3 5
PSY218 Human Relations 3 5
PSY220 Industrial/Organizational Psychology 3 6
PSY303 Cultural Psychology 3 6
PSY320 Introduction to Counseling 3 6
PSY350 Educational Psychology 3 6
PSY352 Abnormal Child Psychology 3 6
PSY354 Theories of Intelligence 3 6
PSY406 Special Topics in Psychology 3 6
PSY411 Psychology of the Family 3 6
PSY412 Introduction to Psychoanalytic Theory 3 6
PSY415 Psychology of Religion 3 6
PSY430 Psychopathology II 3 6
PSY450 Introduction to Clinical Psychology 3 6
PSY451 Techniques of Counseling 3 6
PSY452 Human Neuropsychology 3 6

Free Electives 9 Credits 15 ECTS

  1. The General Education, Humanities and Social Sciences Elective Courses can be found in the booklet courses of instruction.
  2. Free Electives: Any approved course offered by the University.