Dr. Elmos Konis

School : The School of Business Administration
Position : Assistant Professor, Business Leadership

Dr. Elmos Konis Mailing Address
European University Cyprus,
6, Diogenes Str.
P.O Box: 22006

22713271 22713271

22590539 22590539

Email: E.Konis@euc.ac.cy E.Konis@euc.ac.cy


  • Ph.D. London Metropolitan University (Qualitative Research Study on Business Leaders in Cyprus)
  • MBA University of Montana, USA
  • B.Sc. Bus. Adm. University of Montana, USA (Management)


Innovation, Women Entrepreneurs, Business leadership and management practices in Cyprus. Culture and impact on Society. Family businesses. Development of Tertiary Level Education in Cyprus.



  • Konis, E(2009), “Family Orientation as a Foundation for Entrepreneurial Development”, presented at the 9th Annual IFERA World Family Business Research Conference, in Limassol Cyprus, 6/09. This refereed research paper was published in the conference proceedings.
  • Konis, E(2008), “The Family Business and the Impact of Competitive Pressure”, in Gupta V., Levenburg N., Moore L., Motwani J. and Schwarz T. (eds.), ‘A Compendium on the Family Business Models Around the World’, Hyderabad: ICFAI University Press.
  • Konis, E (2007), “The Good the Bad and the Ugly: Cypriot Entrepreneurs’ Perceptions on Networking, Family Orientation and Nepotism”, presented at the 5th Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research (IECER) in Montpellier, France, 1/3/07. This refereed paper was published in the conference proceedings.
  • Konis, E (2005), “The Effect of Entrepreneurial Family Orientation on Businesses in Cyprus”, presented at the 28thNational Conference of ISBE (Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship), Blackpool, UK, November. Published with refereed research papers in ‘Illuminating Entrepreneurship- the theory and practice of enterprise creation and development’, vol.1, ISBN 1 900862 90 5.
  • Konis, E (2005), “Meeting the EU Challenge: Cypriot Entrepreneurs’ Struggle Between Modernisation and Traditionalism”, presented at the 30th EIBA (European International Business Association), Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • Konis, E (2004), “Searching for the Way Ahead for Cypriot Companies in a Changing Environment: An Exploratory Analysis from the Local Business Leaders’ Perspective”, presented at the 8th International Business Conference on Global Business and Economic Development, Guadalajara, Mexico; paper published in ‘Managing Business in a Volatile Environment: Balancing Local and Global Challenges’, Montclair State University, ISBN: 0-9747415-0-7.
  •  1997: A series of newspaper articles (over 30) published in my personal column entitled Business Views on Cyprus, Cyprus Weekly.
  •  Konis, E (1996): “The Secrets of the Good Team”, Manual published by Centre of Applied Research, Nicosia.
  •  Konis, E (1994): “The Hospitality Factor”, Refereed article published in the ‘Journal of Business and Society’, Vol.1, Iss.7, Pp.185-193.
  •  Konis, E (1993): “The $ Organisational Chart: Traditional Hierarchies Combined with the Team-Building Approach”, Refereed article published in the ‘Journal of Business and Society’, Vol.1, Iss.6, Pp.62-71.