Dr. Philippe Jougleux

School : The School of Law
Position : Associate Professor, Private Law

Dr. Philippe Jougleux Mailing Address
European University Cyprus
6, Diogenes Str.
P.O Box: 22006

22559540 22559540

Email: P.Jougleux@euc.ac.cy P.Jougleux@euc.ac.cy


  • PhD in Law 2002 University Aix-Marseille III  Subject : “The protection of information in the field of new technologies” (504p)
  • Postgraduate studies in Mass Media Law 1999 University Aix-Marseille III Subject : “The cyber-criminality” (198p)
  • U.B. in Law 1998 University Lille II Specialization Private Law


  • Law of new technologies
  • Copyright law
  • MME law
  • Cypriot Contract and Torts law



Editor in chief of ENTHA (Student Law Journal) 

Member of ATRIP  (International Association for  the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property)

Member of the Director’s board of EDPI, “Ε.Δ.Π.Ι. ΕΝΩΣΗ ΔΙΚΑΙΩΜΑΤΩΝ ΠΝΕΥΜΑΤΙΚΗΣ ΙΔΙΟΚΤΗΣΙΑΣ ΚΥΠΡΟΥ” (non-profit association for copyright law)

Advisor of the Law Society Student club.


Participation to EU Programs/ Collaborations

2016-2019   Academic Expert

 European Parliament

  • Included in the list of Experts following the call for Expressions of Interest EPRS/EVAL/SER/15/001/CEI.
  • Expertise in Computer law, cybercrime, Intellectual Property


2016-2017   Member of the advisory board of the MANDOLA project (EU)

 Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH)

  • Advising on legal issues of the MANDOLA project about online hate speech.


2016-2017   Member of the advisory board of the INSPEC2T project (EU)

 The Center for Security Studies (KEMEA)

  • Advising on legal issues of the INSPEC2T project about social media’s use by police.


2013-2015   Special Researcher (EU)

 Centre of excellence for the cybercrime (Greece)

  • Research in the frame of the EU Project : « Center of excellence for the cybercrime », for the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° HOME/2011/ISEC/AG/INT/4000002166.
  • Study on “Legal regulations of Cyber-attacks”


2006-2007   Short time Expert (EU)

 European Public Law Center (Athens, Greece)

  • Short time expert in EU Twinning Project LT/2004/H/01
  • Seminars in Lithuania on the fights against piracy and Internet Crime


2006-2007   Short time Expert (EU)

 European Public Law Center (Athens, Greece)

  • Short time expert in EU Twinning Project 2004/IB/OT/01
  • Seminars in Turkey on the full alignment and enforcement in the field of Intellectual Property rights with focus on fight against piracy”



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Chapter in Books / Collective works

1. “Legal aspects of Cultural Diversity in Cyprus” (French language), in: K. Agapiou and others, La singularité de Chypre dans l’Union Européenne, La diversité des droits et des statuts, (proceedings of an international conference held in Limassol), Bruylant, 2011.

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Articles / Presentation in Conferences

1. “Liability for negligence in the protection of an automatic system of data processing”, Expertises des systèmes d’information, vol 7, 2000, p. 220-224 (French language).

2. “The database law searching for application”. Co-author: Synodinou T. legalis.net, 2001, p 85-93, (French language).

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4. “Copyright, digitalization and the exceptions for libraries in the Cypriot legal system”, (in Greek), 2011, presentation for the International study Day organized by the Open University of Cyprus, “E-learning day: Intellectual Property Rights Law & Open Educational Resources: Challenges, Prospects and Contradictions in Education”, accessible on internet: http://elearning2011.ouc.ac.cy /index.php/en/2010-08- 24-14- 57-13.html.

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8. “New forms of Cyber-attacks”, presentation for the 6th International Conference on Information Law and Ethics (ICIL 2014):Lifting Barriers to Empower the Future of Information Law and Ethics, Thesaloniki, 2014, under publication.

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