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EUC Library is located on the 2nd floor of the South Block Building. It occupies three quarters of the floor and has a total area of 900 square meters. The Library is designed to provide a seating capacity of approximately 120 persons.

The university Library is centrally heated and air-conditioned in order to enhance the learning environment of the University. The Library has a Reference Desk (that is used as an office area for the four librarians), a section of current periodicals, a book collection, a computer section (for searching the Library database and for Internet use), a display area for new books and periodicals, the World Bank Depository Library books, and 6 computer booths. The chairs and tables are located throughout the Library in a way to create an atmosphere conducive to learning. In addition, it houses a bookstore, and a photocopy centre.
The Library is fully computerized in order to assist librarians and students in a variety of ways. Computer terminals are available for the users providing access to the Internet. There are 17 public workstations supporting the needs of users, 3 stations for searching the Library's cataloguing system and 1 station used by the librarians in assisting users and to provide training courses. The Library has two primary objectives. The first objective is to maintain an adequate, quality collection, comprised of curricular and co-curricular materials and to meet the educational needs of students as well as the professional needs of the faculty and other personnel.
The second objective is to provide and maintain services of high quality that will encourage the appropriate use of the Library by faculty and students. In order to achieve the above objectives the Library has set a number of guidelines, which include:
  • Flexible Collection Development
    The Library acquires books not only on subjects strictly related to the degrees offered by the University but also on topics of interest to students and faculty, current affairs, society, latest innovations debates or problems.
  • User-Centered Services and Commitment to Innovation
    The Library promotes the use of emerging technologies for learning and is responsive to the educational technology needs of faculty and students. Guidance is offered to all users in order to take advantage of the benefits offered by the Information Age. The Library works in partnership with the faculty to teach information literacy that will provide opportunities for students to acquire and practice research skills at all levels of the curriculum.
  • Continuous Improvement
    The advancements of the Information Age require constant improvement and upgrading. The Library in order to keep up with the current quick pace of technology continuously upgrades its technological facilities and research tools.



Name Position Telephone E-mail
Theodoros Tzitzimbourounis Head Librarian 22713154
Nicolaou Stella Cataloguing Librarian 22713153
Maria Andreou Circulation Librarian 22713091
Demetra Demetriou Assistant Librarian 22713153
Xenia Georgiou Cataloguing/Circulation Librarian 22713089

The EUC library is currently cataloguing all of its books. This is an ongoing process and so it is NOT complete. Currently the electronic catalog has 30,000 entries. You do not need a password or username as we are still in the experimental stage. Feel free to search and browse. ...
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The academic library was, is, and always will be an integral part of learning. Even in this digital age, the library has a lot to offer by managing online data, weaving and sorting electronic sources, and providing support to users who are constantly bombarded by electronic ...
You have questions on how the library works? What it offers? How to research? How to access electronic databases? You can send your questions on a 24 hour basis. You will receive an answer by email within 1 working day.     Theodoros ...