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Member of the Laureate International Universities

EUC is a member of Laureate International Universities a worldwide network of Higher Education institutions founded in 1998 in the United States. It is currently made up of more than 80 accredited campus-based and online institutions, in 29 countries throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, with more than 150 campuses and over 950,000 students worldwide.


“Laureate is an international community of universities that encourages learning without boundaries. Our purpose is to offer higher education with a unique multicultural perspective, and to prepare our students for exciting careers and lifelong achievement. We believe that when our students succeed, countries prosper and societies benefit.”

Douglas L. Becker, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Laureate Education, Inc.


Laureate’s mission is to expand access to higher education worldwide, and provide students with the tools needed to reach their professional and personal goals.

The Laureate difference: a growing, global network

Laureate International Universities is a powerful, global network of strong higher education institutions with solid local foundations. Every year, Laureate signature institutions enrich their relationships and connections within the network by expanding bilingual, study abroad, and Dual Degree programs as well as sharing curricula across institutions and also offering access to faculty from other countries. Student exchanges are on the rise. Leading academic programs developed within Laureate’s Centers of Excellence are exported to other institutions. High-quality curricula are syndicated to meet growing demand in other parts of the network. Distance-learning capabilities and English language programs accelerate progress toward a global community.

Each unique institution brings innovation, strength

An essential part of Laureate’s approach is to respect the unique history, culture, and community of all institutions. Every university contributes a strong regional or national presence to the network, operating its own local brand as a member of Laureate International Universities. Curriculum is relevant and responsive to local markets, culture, and regulatory standards. Innovative curricula, programs, and services are shared, giving energy to a dynamic mix of local accountability and global impact.

What sets Laureate apart

Students in the Laureate International Universities network are offered a learning experience that reflects our unique educational philosophy and a commitment to create academic programs that are:

  • International—offering an up-to-date, global perspective.
  • Technological—as a subject unto itself, as well as a means to learn and discover.
  • Career-oriented—focused on conveying the knowledge and skills needed to start or advance students’ careers.
  • Outcome-oriented—reflecting the professional and career success achieved by Laureate students.

Throughout our network, students pursue more than 130 career-focused, multiyear undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degree programs in career fields that include engineering, education, business, medicine, law, architecture, health sciences, hospitality, culinary arts, and information technology. They do so on-campus and on-line utilizing modern facilities and the latest technology.

Laureate’s international presence

Laureate is a constantly growing network spanning all five continents with universities at the following locations:

Europe: Germany, Cyprus, Spain, France, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, and Turkey.

North and South America: Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, United States, Honduras, México, Perú and Panamá

Asia Pacific: Australia, China, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Thailand and Malaysia

Africa and the Middle East: Morocco, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Jordan