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Grading System

At the end of each semester and summer session, final grades are sent to all students via sms at their mobile phones and are recorded on their permanent academic record in the Office of the Registrar.


Letter Grade Grade Meaning Grade Points Percentage Grade
A Excellent 4.0 90 and above
B+ Very Good 3.5 85-89
B Good 3.0 80-84
C+ Above Average 2.5 75-79
C Average 2.0 70-74
D+ Below Average 1.5 65-69
D Poor 1.0 60-64
F Failure 0 -
I Incomplete 0 -
W Withdrawal 0 -
P Pass 0 -
AU Audit 0 -
TR Transferred 0 -
  1. The grade 'I' is awarded to a student who has maintained satisfactory performance in a course but was unable to complete a major portion of course work (e.g. term paper or final exam) and the reasons given were acceptable to the instructor. It is the responsibility of the student to bring pertinent information to the instructor to justify the reasons for the missing work and to reach an agreement on the means by which the remaining course requirements will be satisfied. A student is responsible, after consulting with the instructor, for fulfilling the remaining course requirements within the first weeks of the following semester for which the 'I' was awarded. In very special cases the instructor may extend the existing incomplete grade to the next semester. Failure of the student to complete work within this specific time limit will result in an 'F' which will be recorded as the final grade.
  2. The grade 'W' indicates withdrawal from the course before the specified time as explained in the withdrawal policy.
  3. Grades of 'P' will not be computed into a student's cumulative grade point average but will count towards graduation credits.
  4. Grades of 'F' will be computed into the student's cumulative grade point average.
  5. Students enrolling for an Audit must designate their intent to enroll on an Audit basis at the time of registration. Students registering for a course on an Audit basis receive no credit.
  6. Grades for courses taken at another college or university «TR» do not enter into the computation of the cumulative Grade Point Average.

Averaging Grades

A Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) is determined for each student at the end of each semester. The Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) is computed by multiplying the number of credit hours of each course by the grade points equivalent to the letter grade received and then adding them. The sum total is then divided by the total number of credit hours for which the student has received a grade. Grades reported as "I", "W", "P" or "AU" are not computed in the average.

Courses on a Pass-Fail Basis

Students in good academic standing may choose up to 12 semester hours of credit towards a degree to be graded on a pass/fail basis. A student may be allowed to take a maximum of two courses on a pass/fail basis per academic year. Courses in a student's major and those considered as correlated to his major, cannot be taken as pass/fail. Only a grade of 'F' will be computed into the G.P.A. Students must notify the Registrar's Office of their intention to take a pass/fail course within the first eight weeks of a sixteen-week semester, or the first three weeks of a six-week session.

Repetition of Work

If a student repeats a course, the new grade will be included in the student's Cumulative Grade Point Average. The grade previously earned will not be included in the student's overall Grade Point Average, although it will be listed on the student's permanent academic record and transcript.

Change of Grade

Once grades have been submitted to the Office of the Registrar no changes are allowed, unless an instructor completes a "Grade Change" form, in which he/she explains that a legitimate error has been made in the calculation of a student's grade.

Appeals Procedure

In the case where a student believes that the grade received is different from what was expected, he/she must exhaust all possibilities of resolving the problem with the pertinent instructor first. If this does not lead to a resolution, the student may appeal against the grade by filing a petition with the Office of the Registrar.

The Registrar will inform the Department Chairperson of the petition and the Department Chairperson will exhaust all possibilities to resolve it individually with the student and the faculty member in question, and will reach a decision.

Changes of grades resulting from an appeal require the endorsement of the Dean of the School and the Dean of Academic Affairs. For a petition to be reviewed, a student must appeal within four (4) weeks from the date the results are announced.

Dean's List

The Dean's List includes students who have achieved a G.P.A. of 3.5 or better within a single semester and who were registered for at least 12 semester hours of credit (excluding grades of 'P').

Matriculated students who achieve the above requirements are named on the Dean's List, which is published at the end of each semester. Honors are awarded as follows:
First Honors 3.85 - 4.00
Second Honors 3.65 - 3.84
Third Honors 3.50 - 3.64
Students who receive grades of 'D' or 'F' are ineligible for honors that semester.