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Transfer Students

Students who have started their university education elsewhere and wish to apply for admission to EUC as transfer students must submit the following items to the Office of Admissions:


  • A completed application form together with a non-refundable fee of €52.

  • Official transcripts of all academic records from each institution previously attended, including high-school, college or university.

  • Official course descriptions or syllabi in English for all work completed at the college or university previously attended. An official transfer credit evaluation will be made only if all of the above items have been submitted to the Office of Admissions


Tranfer Credit Evalution Policy
After having completed all procedures required for transfer admission, applicants for admission with advanced standing will be given a statement of credits accepted on transfer by the Office of Admissions before they enroll. Credits for courses which have an equivalency at EUC are accepted when earned with a passing grade in the institution of higher education the offered the specific course(s).


As Parallel

    The course must have involved at least the same amount of class time and have approximately the same content as the European University Cyprus equivalent; or


    As an Elective

    The course must be related in some manner to the student's academic program and career goal. Also, in some cases credit which is deemed as liberal arts is normally accepted if such credit was earned in courses not specifically offered at European University Cyprus.


    Candidates who have successfully completed subjects from the G.C.S.E. (or G.C.E.) 'A' level may be awarded transfer credits depending on their field of study. In such cases, the number of transfer credits awarded cannot exceed 12- 13 credits for those studying for a bachelor's degree. After having completed the procedure required for transfer admission, applicants will be given statement of credits accepted on transfer by the Office of Admissions before they enroll. Transfer credits are not included in the calculation of the student's GPA. Students applying for transfer credit must file a 'Transfer Credit Evaluation form' at the Office of Admissions together with a non-refundable fee of €52.