Title: Romantic & Contemporary Performance Practice

Code: MUS301

The aim of this course is to help students identify and achieve an advanced understanding of and sensitivity to, both notated and un-notated conventions of performance practice in Western music repertoire during the Romantic and Contemporary eras. Moreover, it will guide students to return, in as much as this is feasible to the composers’ original conception of a musical work, and to re-enact how music sounded at the time of its initial presentation through an historical study of the interpretation of music based on a wide range of readings from historical treatises, critical writings and reviews, to present-day discussions on performance issues. Actual music will be used for performance studies and where possible, sound recordings will aid the perspective on the original instrument sound and the various interpretive styles. For, in order to appreciate and perform contemporary music, the student has to understand and value the past. Selected works from the romantic period and the twentieth century repertory will be studied and performed in class. The course will proceed chronologically, beginning with Beethoven’s late period and ending to contemporary music trends. Students will study material dealing with issues of style, content, ornamentation.
Restrictions : None
Prerequisites : MUS261 and MUS300
Co-requisites : None
Credits : 3
ECTS : 6
Hours : 3
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