Title: Creative Orchestration and Composition Techniques

Code: MUS367

Orchestration skills are most essential for any musician and, in today’s multimedia orientated societies, are more than ever widely considered as a valuable skill. The main objective of this course is to teach students critical creative skills of writing imaginatively for orchestra with a strong grasp of the historical and technical evolution of the art of orchestration. The course also aims to equip students with a sophisticated theoretical and practical understanding of advanced aspects of instrumentation and stylistic orchestration (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic and Contemporary). Commercial music arrangement skills and contemporary music composition will be effectively combined with professional orchestral notation, instrumental part extraction and technical know-how so as to offer students a dynamic creative experience of what is really involved from starting to orchestrate a work to finally sitting at the concert hall or recording studio and listening to the performance. The course delivery and structure will feature several appropriate audiovisual examples of all techniques discussed as well as practical workshop demonstrations of instruments where possible in collaboration with ensembles in residence or other professional musicians and students. The works discussed and analyzed in class (both score and recording) will be on reserve at the library for the whole term.
Restrictions : None
Prerequisites : None
Co-requisites : None
Credits : 3
ECTS : 6
Hours : 3
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