Title: Introduction to Form

Code: MUS115

The goal of this course is to help students acquire the skills necessary to carry out independent analyses of the forms most frequently encountered in Western music in the eighteenth and nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The students will gain a basic understanding of compositional tools within simple formal structures and in general, will understand the structure of Western music. The ability to analyze music is one of the most important skills a musician can develop. Interpretation of musical symbols, structure and language is required to understand, analyze and perform a composition. Skills learned in this class will enable the student to begin to view the role and importance of the different musical elements in the shaping of an interpretation. The basic idea behind teaching such a course is that the more the student understands the way in which a musical work is put together, the more insight he will bring to his interpretation of that work.
Restrictions : None
Prerequisites : MUS110
Co-requisites : None
Credits : 3
ECTS : 5
Hours : 3
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