Title: Music History I: Ancient to Baroque

Code: MUS260

This course aims to introduce to students the principle composers and genres of Western music from Antiquity to the Baroque period by examining the historical development of the art of music, showing the increasing complexity of music through the great eras in history and the relationship of music to the political, economic and cultural conditions of these eras. Through reading, listening and score-study, the students will be exposed to music of great beauty and to unfamiliar systems of aesthetics, since the music for this historical period is usually the least familiar in terms of content, style and function. By the end of the course, the students will encounter the origins of many of the musical institutions and genres that still form the classical music world, such as the first orchestras, oratorios, sonatas, operas and concertos.
Restrictions : None
Prerequisites : MUS109
Co-requisites : None
Credits : 3
ECTS : 5
Hours : 3
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