Rector's Welcome Message

Welcome to European University Cyprus (EUC), an institution that holds a very special place in Cyprus and in the region of Southeastern Europe.

It is an innovative university defined by its dynamic integration of advanced educational programs, pioneering research, and extensive engagement with community, industry and society. Our outstanding learning and administrative environments, by promoting, fostering and enhancing employability as well as state-of-the-art infrastructures, contribute to the overall academic identity of the EUC as one of the leading institutions of higher education. Besides, the European University Cyprus constitutes an essential part of the social, intercultural and economic fabric of the Southeastern Europe region. By integrating teaching and research and experiential learning in the curricula and practical fieldwork, our academic model makes an enriched student education venue a core part of our operation. As a result, our students appreciate the distinctive differentiation and competitive advantages of the EUC academic environment as they achieve both valuable workplace knowledge and civic consciousness.

Our high quality faculty – with scholarly international experience - is committed in participating and contributing in the “knowledge-based society”.

It is the first university in Cyprus and Greece, which rated with the highest five stars in teaching, facilities, internationalization, social responsibility and inclusiveness by the authoritative international-rating organization TOP UNIVERSITIES (QS Stars).

Besides, the European Union funded multi-dimensional tool U-Multirank (that ranks universities worldwide) has granted European University Cyprus the highest ranking in two key strategic areas: Research and Research Linkages as well as Applied Knowledge Partnerships. In particular, we are among the top 300 worldwide universities in the category of research internalization.

Further to the overhead distinctions, we have been currently awarded with the HR Excellence in Research Label by European Commission; a Label that only 368 academic institutions have received across Europe.

In today’s global economic climate, it is even more vital for students to apply for a trustworthy, accountable, high quality and high-status university that is – inter alia - the No1 choice for synergy or cooperation with prestigious private corporations and/or public organizations. Microsoft, for instance, has selected the European University Cyprus to cooperate, launch and operate the “Microsoft Innovation Center” (MIC). It is the only one MIC in Cyprus and among the 100+ Microsoft Innovation Centers (MICs) worldwide, involving an astonishing osmosis among the government, industry, academic and student participants.

It is also especially noteworthy to mention that European University Cyprus has the competitive advantage of providing the most comprehensive studies in the fields of Medicine, Dentistry, Health Sciences and Life Sciences in Cyprus.

For all the above reasons, our university is considered as one of the top universities internationally for attracting students from around the world, including students from countries such as Greece, China, Germany, Italy, USA, United Kingdom, Austria, Russia, Ireland, France, Jordan, Ukraine, Norway, Israel etc. Besides, the many prospects for our students to study abroad and incorporate an international academic experience into their university education, further enriches student experience at European University Cyprus.

At European University Cyprus, we aim to make quality higher education accessible and affordable so more students can pursue their dreams.

It is a mission we believe will help make the world a better place.


Prof. Kostas Gouliamos