Intercollegiate Athletics

The Athletics Department oversees the University’s participation in the Intercollegiate Athletic Program—an integral part of students' life that draws the University community together to celebrate exceptional athletic performance and team spirit.

Around 230 students of the University are involved in intercollegiate leagues organized by the Cyprus University Sports Federation: men’s indoor soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, handball, track and field, women's basketball, volleyball, korfball, and track and field. Contact the Athletics Department for guidelines on eligibility to participate. The program also provides financial support to talented athletes, enabling them to pursue their studies at lower cost. For more information, click here.

Intramural Athletics

The Intramural Athletics Program offers students a chance to compete in tournaments, providing opportunities for personal, social, and recreational growth and development.

The program is coordinated by the Athletics Department and supervised by qualified personnel, in consultation with the Student Committee. Over a third of the student population takes part in intramural sports, including basketball, volleyball, soccer, handball, cricket, and badminton.