The President of China’s book at European University Cyprus

The President of China's book was presented at an event organized at European University Cyprus with the co-organisation of the Embassy of China in Cyprus. This is the second official presentation of the book in Europe, after the United Kingdom. 

Keynote speaker at the event was China's Ambassador to Cyprus, Mr. Huang Xingyuan, who spoke extensively about the contribution of the book to understanding Chinese reality, its strategic goals, and its governance challenges. European University Cyprus Rector, Professor KostasGouliamos, under whose initiative the event was organised, also analysed the book. He said: “Under the leadership of Xi Jinping, China has effectively redefined the path for sustainable development, cutting-edge technology, co-operation among peoples, administrative reform and modernization. The book “China's Governance Volume II” significantly contributes to understanding the principles of governance within leadership, Chinese policy objectives, both internally and internationally, and the course of the Chinese people on the road to development. The book provides answers to those who want to have a clear picture of President Xi Jinping's leadership and how he sees the world, as well as China's role in international affairs”. The third speaker at the event was Professor EuripidesStylianidisof the European University Cyprus Law School and former Minister of Education of Greece.

The President of the House of Representatives Mr Dimitris Syllouris (represented by the Chief Executive of the House of Representatives, Socrates Socratous) also addressed the event. “Reading this book,” the House President noted in his speech, “we can better understand China's achievements, particularly under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, and take a look at the future and what it reserves for this great country, but also for the world as a whole”.

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