Rethinking Innovation Together

On Wednesday 07.12.2016 the planned workshop (Reversed Science Cafe) of the research program SPARKS, Rethinking Innovation Together, which is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program (Grant agreement No. 665825) took place in the Cultural Centre of European University  Cyprus.

SPARKS aims to raise awareness and encourage people to share their knowledge and experience to enrich research in medicine and in health.’ Reviving the aging population’ was the theme of this workshop. The meeting was attended by pensioners, workers in rehabilitation nursing homes for the elderly, academics and representatives of the Ministry of Health and of the General Hospital of Nicosia. During the meeting the experiences and ideas of stakeholders, political and social agents involved and / or related practices, policies and initiatives in the health of people of the third age were gathered on the following issues:

  • Senior rehabilitation methods through fun interactive technology
  • Quality of Life - Entertainment of the Elderly
  • Using technology to support its aging population;
  • Muscle atrophy, aging and related diseases;
  • Nutrition and Elderly


This research program involves 33 organizations from all EU Member States and European University represents Cyprus. In the context of this research project European University will host in its premises the exhibition called ‘Beyond the Lab’.

Artefacts from the Science Museum in the United Kingdom will be presented in this exhibition, which will be open to the public for 2 months (January – March 2017).  During this period, a number of presentations by key-note speakers on related to the exhibition issues will take place.