School of Medicine

The establishment of the School of Medicine at European University Cyprus has been pivotal to the institution’s aims to be part of the country’s prominence as a regional medical provider. The organization of the School of Medicine is based on EU directives and international standards, and it has been founded in collaboration with distinguished scholars from Cyprus and abroad. Students are taught and trained in Cyprus. Teaching is conducted in English, with a minimum work load of 360 ECTS of the education and training required to complete the Doctor of Medicine Degree over six years. No ‘premedical’ coursework is required as the program of study provides an all-inclusive, full basic sciences thematic unit. The School of Medicine is characterized by a dynamic learning environment which enables students to develop the necessary skills and attributes required to practice medicine. The curriculum is skilled based but students will be exposed to clinical work and clinical relevance starting from the first year of study, and this hands-on, practical approach will be maintained throughout the six years of the course of study.


The School of Medicine serves as the regional ‘educational medical-platform’, providing high-caliber education in medicine and healthcare, targeting not only residents of Cyprus, but also international medical student candidates from Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East. European University Cyprus educational model aims at making future graduates able to function anywhere within the EU and other international health care systems. To achieve this purpose, the medical graduate will be equipped with all the traditional traits and contemporary knowledge and advanced skills that rightfully come with the acquisition of a prestigious medical qualification conferred by an accredited EU university such as European University Cyprus. The training of the students at the European University Cyprus’ School of Medicine is oriented to the preparation of up-to-date, competent, ethical and fully adaptable medical doctors with the resourcefulness necessary to face inevitable changes in the field that develop over time. It will focus on its students’ acquisition of the most efficient clinical skills and on the implementation of professional ethics in the field of medicine.

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