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1. You are hereby providing your consent to the processing of your personal information contained herein by EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY CYPRUS LTD (hereinafter referred to as “EUC”) for the sole purpose of informing you in relation to the aforesaid programs of study for which you have expressed your interest (hereinafter referred to as the “Purpose”).
2. Any information and data provided herein by you to EUC will be used by EUC directly or indirectly for the performance of the Purpose and shall at all times be identified, clearly marked and recorded by EUC as your personal data.
3. All personal data acquired by EUC from you pursuant to this form shall be solely used by EUC for the performance of the Purpose and shall not be further processed or disclosed to any third party without your consent unless this is required and/or allowed pursuant the provisions of the Processing of Personal Data (Protection of Individuals) Law of 2001 (Law 138(I)/2001) and/or the provisions of any other applicable legislation.
4. You are hereby informed that you have the right, at any given time, to access the personal information acquired by EUC from you pursuant to this form and request either the amendment or deletion of the same. EUC agrees to provide you access to such personal information and accommodate any of the aforesaid requests without undue and unnecessary delay following a written request by you.
5. EUC retains the right to change its data protection policy at any time and shall notify you in writing of any such changes.

Ι declare that Ι have read, understood and accept the statement concerning the Processing of Personal Data Additionally, I state my consent to and understanding that this information may be used by European University Cyprus to communicate, either by post, telephone, e-mail or any other way, with me regarding any services, offers and notifications at a later date. In the event that I do not wish to be contacted further, I will inform European University Cyprus appropriately.

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