School of Humanities, Social and Education Sciences

Message from the Dean

Our School, the School of Arts and Education Sciences, was established in 2007 with the inauguration of our University. For all of us then, this was the outcome of hard, well-planned, and well-designed work, and together with the contribution of those who joined the School afterwards, we have fulfilled the vision of establishing a leading School in the areas of Arts, Design, Music, Education, Teaching and Pedagogy in Cyprus and beyond. We managed to establish this very soon, becoming the first School in our University to offer studies at the doctoral level leading to a PhD; and, despite our brief history, the School of Arts and Education Sciences of European University Cyprus has already marked the academic map in Cyprus and overseas with its high quality education academic environment, its innovative and influential research in the particular scientific fields, and its constructive and influential interventions in the local Cypriot society.


Our School’s Departments, the Department of Arts and the Department of Education Sciences offer undergraduate degrees of four-year programs of study, postgraduate programs leading to Master’s degrees (both on campus and distance education), and doctoral degrees leading to PhD titles. Our effort to make a difference has led us to design and offer innovative programs of studies which stand out from other similar programs offered within the Greek speaking academic community. The variety of scientific expertise of the academic staff of our School ensures that our School’s undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students get the benefit of a wide and diverse range of experience on many different scientific areas in the Arts and Education Sciences. With their commitment to academic ideals and ethics, and their professional networks in Cyprus and internationally, my colleagues in our School are enthusiastic supporters of the arts, episteme, learning, education and research and meticulously implement the University’s student-centered approach with a long-term vision. With the valuable addition of our School’s scientific collaborators and our special scientists, the state-of-the-art instructional and research facilities, the extensive IT and Library infrastructure offered by our University, our students are supported throughout their studies for achieving the highest academic and professional achievements.


Entering its eight year of operation, our School already boasts an impressive record in the implementation of high-quality research activities within the areas of the Arts and the Education Sciences. Our School’s commitment to research is showcased by the existence of innovative research laboratories, which act as facilitators and incubators of local and international research projects, and by the School’s impressive research network of collaborating Universities from all over the world, which jointly expand our research activities and generate research and mobility opportunities for our students and faculty. The quality education and all-round experience our students gain in the School, prepare them for their future roles as professionals, artists, educators, and researchers. It is clear today that our students highly value their experience here by enjoying a continuous connection with the School and the University and by revealing a strong sense of loyalty to the School and our University even after they graduate.  

Dr. Loizos Symeou

Dean, School of Arts and Education Sciences