The School of Sciences

Message from the Dean

It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I welcome you to the School of Sciences of the European University Cyprus, a challenging and fulfilling place to study, work and create, ultimately impacting and changing lives.

The School of Sciences is the largest and most diverse School at the European University Cyprus, with over 1800 students, 16 Bachelor degree programs, 13 Master and 5 Doctoral degrees.  We offer a dynamic portfolio of traditional degree titles such as Biomedical Sciences, Pharmacy, General Biology, Nursing and Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Public Health, Nutrition-Dietetics, Sports Science, Mathematics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, etc. while at the same time we have introduced unique, to the Cyprus educational system, programs of study such as Radiodiagnostics-Radiotherapy, General Microbiology, Occupational therapy, Gerontology, Applied Nutrition and Dietetics, Sport Physiotherapy, as well as, emerging fields such as Cybersecurity and Telecommunications Engineering. A rich and diverse educational and research environment, the School consists and integrates three independent departments: The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, The Department of Health Sciences and the more recently established Department of Life Sciences

Our student centered approach along with a 5 star academic excellence in Teaching, as recently depicted by QS star ratings, coupled with state-of-the-art instructional and laboratory facilities offer our students a dynamic, educational incubation environment where knowledge can be harvested, skills can be acquired, dreams can be made and strong leadership can arise. Our students are well prepared for the future, a future were disruptive ideas can impact their country and the world, are fully equipped with what is needed to be true professionals while possessing a flexible skillset required in today’s demanding and fast evolving work environment. All of our programs integrate internship projects and/or clinical and practical placements, through an extensive industrial partner network of Health - Life science and IT companies and organizations, granting our students a first-hand employment experience before graduation.

In the Research arena and despite our short history, our School has showcased an impressive record of high-quality research activities within the areas of Health and Life Sciences and Information Technology. Our research activities are supported by research infrastructure in the form of Centers and dedicated laboratories which act as facilitators and incubators for attracting local and international research funding. Such Centers include the Cyprus Musculoskeletal and Sports Trauma Research Centre (CYMUSTREC) directed by Dr. Stasinopoulos, the Center for Decision Support and System Optimization (DSSO) directed by Dr. Dimopoulos, the Center for Game Studies (CGS) in charge of which is Dr. Christou and the Interdisciplinary Communications Research Center (iCRC) with Dr. Katzis as the director. In addition, the school is proud to have established the first of its kind Speech, Language & Hearing Clinic, directed by Dr. Christopoulou, serving clients and the community, providing supervision for its students’ and undertaking high quality research in the field of speech therapy. Our faculty consists of world-class researchers in the areas of Health, Life and Computer Science and Engineering, including award-winners like Dr. Eleftheriadou (“Female Scientist of the Year 2013” by Madame Figaro awards), Dr. Andreas Efstathiou (“Scientist of the Year 2013” by Man of The Year awards), Dr. Panos Papageorgis (“Young Researcher Award 2016”) by Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, Dr. Apostolos Zaravinos (“Science Award 2017”) by the Youth Board of Cyprus and Cooperative Central Bank, and more recently, Dr. Eleni Moushi (“Young Researcher Award 2017”) by Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation. We are constantly exploiting the existence of an impressive network of associates and collaborating research Universities across the World in order to expand our research activities and generate research and mobility opportunities for our staff and students.

So, whether you are a prospective student, a parent, a business stakeholder, or an academic, please take the time to browse our electronic facilities and learn more about us. We are always at your disposal to provide detailed information about the educational and research opportunities offered by our School. I urge you to come and join us for an unforgeable experience.



Dr. Mary Eleftheriadou

Dean, School of Sciences