Speech Language and Hearing Clinic

The Speech Language and Hearing Clinic was established in 2010, with three major aims:

To provide clients and community with up-todate Clinical Speech Therapy services; to provide high quality supervision and clinical education to Speech Therapy students; and to facilitate planning and implementation of high quality research in Speech Therapy. It offers students the opportunity to apply diagnostic and therapy principles in an environment with direct supervision in the introductory stage followed by controlled practice later, in order to acquire the skills and confidence to provide high quality services. A successful course through the Clinic prepare students for a successful final Clinical Practicum and a successful professional career. The Speech Language and Hearing Clinic provides services for children and adults with disorders in Written and Oral language, Speech, Hearing, Fluency, Swallowing, and Voice. Clinical activities are planned and supervised by Speech Therapists who are part of the Speech Program faculty, as well as Clinical instructors registered with the Cyprus Association of Speech Therapists. The Speech Language and Hearing Clinic collaborates with Speech Therapists, physicians, and Hospitals for referrals and service delivery.

The Speech Language and Hearing Clinic is housed in a specifically designated area, self-contained, modified to provide accommodations for the Clinic needs. Facilities include classrooms allocated for Speech and Language Therapy Students, Speech Therapy rooms, an Audiology room, faculty offices, and observation areas allowing direct observation through audio and video recordings, and two-way mirrors of all therapy rooms.