Business Studies - Energy Resources Management (Oil and Gas) (4 Years, Bachelor of Business Administration)


Graduates of the program will be able to deal with financial and administrative matters relating to the areas of energy, oil and gas as well as the evaluation of the regulatory systems in the energy sector. Additionally, they will be able to deal with the analysis and evaluation of environmental issues and regulations, with specific reference to climate change in the management and utilization of renewable energy sources.


Employment Opportunities

Graduates can seek employment in multinational companies specializing in the areas of energy, in public and semi-public institutions associated with related sectors, in companies engaging in energy trading and organizations dealing with environmental issues.


Program Outline

All students pursuing the Bachelor degree in Business Studies must complete the following requirements:


Degree Requirements Credits ECTS
General Education Requirements 24 42
Business Core Requirements 45 77
Major Requirements 51 105
Free Electives 9 16
Total Requirements 129 240

General Education Requirements 24 Credits 42 ECTS
English and Communication 9 16
Code Course Title Credits ECTS
COM101 Public Speaking 3 5
ENB220 Writing for Business Studies 3 6
ENB225 Business Communication in English 3 5
Humanities & Social Sciences2 9 16
Code Course Title Credits ECTS
N/A Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, History, or Political Science 9 16
Mathematics 3 5
Code Course Title Credits ECTS
MAT115 Statistics I 3 5
Computer Science 3 5
Code Course Title Credits ECTS
CSC190 Computer Fundamentals and Applications 3 5

Business Core Requirements 45 Credits 77 ECTS
Code Course Title Credits ECTS
ACC112 Introduction to Financial Accounting 3 5
ACC113 Introduction to Managerial Accounting 3 5
BUS101 Introduction to Business 3 5
BUS111 Finite Mathematics for Business 3 5
BUS195 Business Calculus and Applications 3 5
BUS201 International Business 3 5
BUS360 Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3 5
BUS401 Business Policy and Strategic Management 3 6
ECO101 Principles of Microeconomics 3 5
ECO102 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 5
FIN101 Essentials of Financial Analysis 3 6
LAW101 Business Law I 3 5
MAR101 Introduction to Marketing 3 5
MGT101 Principles of Management 3 5
MGT205 Organizational Behavior 3 5

Major Requirements 51 Credits 105 ECTS
Code Course Title Credits ECTS
BUS215 Business Research 3 6
BUS411 Senior Project 7 10
Major Electives

(Students select the courses from the list below)

Code Course Title Credits ECTS
OGM160 Oil and Gas Upstream and Downstream Management 3 6
OGM210 Oil and Gas Economics 3 6
OGM220 Oil and Gas Law 3 6
OGM230 Introduction to Petroleum Geology 3 6
OGM240 Health and Safety Management 3 6
OGM250 Renewable Energy Technologies 3 6
OGM255 Petroleum Economics, Asset and Risk Management 3 6
OGM260 Renewable Energies & Sustainable Development 3 6
OGM315 Oil and Gas Markets 3 6
OGM320 Oil and Gas Contract Law 3 6
OGM330 Oil and Gas Management Accounting 3 6
OGM345 Energy Transportation and Logistics 3 6
OGM350 International Oil and Gas Accounting 3 6
OGM355 Environmental Aspects of Oil and Gas Law 3 6
OGM365 Introduction to Petroleum Production Processes 3 6
OGM370 Energy Policy and the Environment 3 6
OGM415 Internship 3 6
OGM420 Strategic Operations Management: Oil and Gas 3 6
OGM430 Independent study in Oil and Gas Management 3 6
OGM435 Special Topics in Oil and Gas Management 3 6
OGM440 Strategic analyses of the Energy Sector 3 6
OGM445 The Science of Fossil Fuels 3 6

Free Electives 9 Credits 16 ECTS

  • Students who do not meet the level of English for the course COM101 can alternatively register in the course COM100 – Fundamentals of Speech.
  • No more than two courses can be taken from a discipline unless otherwise specified.





Objectives & Outcomes

General Objectives




Specific Objectives




Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, the students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively in business through speaking, writing, and electronic means
  2. Demonstrate their ability to build teams and work effectively within them.
  3. Demonstrate awareness and capability of analysis of environmental (economic, social, political, legal, and ethical) trends and their impact on individuals and businesses.
  4. Describe the application of manual and computer –based quantitative and qualitative tools and methodologies in identifying and solving problems and making decisions in business situations.
  5. Critically evaluate and apply concepts, techniques, strategies, and theories from any appropriate discipline in business contexts.
  6. Display knowledge and understanding in the area of energy management, oil and gas accounting and operations management.
  7. Critically evaluate basic science concepts and principles relating to petroleum geochemistry and geology, energy technologies, oil and gas technologies and exhibit fundamental knowledge on health and safety issues.
  8. Display knowledge and understanding in the area of law relating to oil and gas, contract law and negotiations and legal environment issues.
  9. Demonstrate the capability to analyse and evaluate the economics of energy, oil and gas industry.
  10. Demonstrate the capability to critically  analyse and evaluate current environmental topics and regulations including climate change, renewable resources and sustainability.
  11. Demonstrate the ability to collect all relevant information to plan and implement a major independent project.

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Careers & Employment

Περιγραφή Επαγγέλματος

Οι απόφοιτοι του προγράμματος ασχολούνται ορθολογιστικά, με θέματα οικονομικά και διοικητικά που αφορούν τους τομείς της ενέργειας, της βιομηχανίας, πετρελαίων και του φυσικού αερίου όπως και στην αξιολόγηση των ρυθμιστικών συστημάτων στον τομέα της ενέργειας. Επιπρόσθετα, θα μπορούν να ασχοληθούν με την ανάλυση και αξιολόγηση περιβαλλοντικών θεμάτων και κανονισμών, με ειδική αναφορά στις κλιματικές αλλαγές και στη διαχείριση και αξιοποίηση των ανανεώσιμων πηγών ενέργειας.



  • Ομαδικότητα
  • Ικανότητα επίλυσης προβλημάτων
  • Επικοινωνιακές δεξιότητες
  • Ηγετικές ικανότητες
  • Υπευθυνότητα
  • Οργάνωση
  • Υψηλό αισθητήριο ασφαλείας


Τομείς Εργοδότησης

  • Δημόσιο & Ιδιωτικό Τομέα
  • Μη Κερδοσκοπικό Τομέα
  • Ερευνητικό


Επιλογές Σταδιοδρομίας

  • Διαχείριση Αποβλήτων
  • Διαχείριση ποιότητας αέρα
  • Διαχείριση ποιότητας νερού
  • Διοίκηση περιβάλλοντος και ανανεώσιμων πηγών ενέργειας
  • Επιστημονικός ερευνητής


Μεταπτυχιακές / Επαγγελματικές Σπουδές


Πρόγραμμα Εργασιακής Εμπειρίας του Ευρωπαϊκού Πανεπιστημίου Κύπρου

Οι φοιτητές του κλάδου Διαχείρισης Ενεργειακών Πόρων  μπορούν να απασχοληθούν για απόκτηση εργασιακής εμπειρίας σε τομείς και οργανισμούς άμεσα συνδεδεμένους με το αντικείμενο σπουδών τους. Λόγω της πρόσφατης ανάγκης για δημιουργία θέσεων εργασίας στον συγκεκριμένο τομέα, φοιτητές που ενδιαφέρονται να λάβουν μέρος στο Πρόγραμμα Εργασιακής Εμπειρίας του ΕΠΚ θα πρέπει να συμβουλευτούν το Κέντρο Καριέρας στο 22713000.


Μηχανές Εξευρέσεως Εργασίας




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