Psychology (2 years, Master of Science)


This is an applied program with an option to follow one of the two specializations, clinical or counselling psychology. It leads to a Master of Science degree (M.Sc.) which prepares the candidate to apply for professional licensure in the Republic of Cyprus. The program provides a specialized training to enable the student to be able to apply psychological assessment, diagnostic formulations and psychotherapeutic interventions.

Employment Opportunities

The graduate will be able to work in the field of mental health and more specifically in independent practice, public sector and other mental health settings.

Program Outline

Degree Requirements Credits ECTS
Core Courses 33 66
Specialization Core Courses 15 34
Internship 15 40
Master Thesis 12 20
Total Requirements 75 160

Core Courses 33 Credits 66 ECTS
Code Course Title Credits ECTS
PSY600 Child and Adolescent Psychopathology 3 6
PSY604 Ethics in Psychological Science and Practice 3 6
PSY605 Biological Basis of Behavior 3 6
PSY611 Therapeutic Skills in Preparatory Internship 3 6
PSY612 Personality Assessment and Lab 3 6
PSY613 Cognitive and Neuropsychological Assessment and Lab I 3 6
PSY614 Multivariate Statistics & Research Methods 3 6
PSY616 Individual Psychodynamic Intervention 3 6
PSY617 Adult Psychopathology 3 6
PSY626 Group Therapy 3 6
PSY627 Introduction to Play therapy 3 6

Specialization Core Courses 15 Credits 34 ECTS
Clinical Psychology 15 34
Code Course Title Credits ECTS
PSY618 Advanced Clinical Psychopathology 3 6
PSY622 Cognitive Behavioral Intervention 3 6
PSY623 Cognitive and Neuropsychological Assessment and Lab II 3 6
PSY628 Clinical Diagnostic and Formulation skills 3 6
PSY634 Specialized Internship Seminars for Clinical Psychology 3 10
Counseling Psychology 15 34
Code Course Title Credits ECTS
PSY646 Developmental Trajectories for Counselling Psychology 3 6
PSY655 Individual Humanistic Intervention 3 6
PSY656 Counselling Conceptualization Intervention 3 6
PSY657 Special topics in Counselling Psychology 3 6
PSY658 Specialized Internship Seminars for Counselling Psychology 3 10

Internship 15 Credits 40 ECTS
Clinical Psychology 15 40
Code Course Title Credits ECTS
PSY683 Internship I 7 20
PSY684 Internship II 8 20
Counseling Psychology 15 40
Code Course Title Credits ECTS
PSY688 Internship I 7 20
PSY689 Internship II 8 20

Master Thesis 12 Credits 20 ECTS
Clinical Psychology 12 20
Code Course Title Credits ECTS
PSY638 Master Thesis I: Literature Review and Methodology 6 6
PSY639 Master Thesis II: Analysis and Implementation 6 14
Counseling Psychology 12 20
Code Course Title Credits ECTS
PSY671 Master Thesis I: Literature Review and Methodology 6 6
PSY672 Master Thesis II: Analysis and Implementation 6 14

Note: To successfully complete the program the student must complete 120 ECTS and 40 ECTS of Internship.

Objectives & Outcomes

General Objectives

The objective of the program is to train professionals based on the practitioner scientist model of training. This will prepare the candidate to function as a professional psychologist who is able to deliver psychological services to clients in the context of assessment, diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders. Furthermore, the program prepares the candidate to function as a scientist and execute scientific work in areas of psychological research and practice.

Specific Objectives

The program aims to prepare professionals to function as mental health professionals in mental health settings and operate effectively as clinicians within the healthcare system. The candidates will acquire the applied clinical or counselling conceptualization and intervention skills depending on their specialization. The candidates will acquire all the necessary credentials to prepare for professional licensure application in the specialization of Clinical or Counselling Psychology.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, the students should be able to:

  • Function as professionals offering services to special populations in the community
  • Conduct general and specialized psychological evaluations to patients
  • Have an in-depth understanding, conceptualization and enough practical experience to differentiate between complex clinical scenarios in order to conclude to a diagnostic
  • formulation
  • Conduct short and long term interventions in order to treat patients with psychological disorders
  • Conduct Cognitive Behavioral therapy with patients
  • Conduct Humanistic therapy with patients
  • Conduct Psychodynamic treatments with patients
  • Function as professional service providers within a mental health setting and will have comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the mental health system in which they will work

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Careers & Employment



  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Research skills
  • Skills in psychological assessment, diagnosis and interventions
  • Patience
  • Objectivity
  • Responsibility
  • Discreet
  • Ethical
  • Empahty
  • Genuineness

Employment Sectors

Public and Private:

  • Medical centers
  • Counselling and Psychotherapeutic centers
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Therapeutic Communities
  • Non-Profit organisations
  • Research centers

Career choices

  • Clinical psychologist
  • Counselling psychologist
  • Researcher


Doctoral studies

Graduates with a Master degree may request to continue in academia and higher education as well as researchers in specialized areas, it is desirable to continue on a doctoral level of study which offers experience and skills linked to teaching positions and research centers.


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