Prof. Kostas Gouliamos

School : The School of Business Administration
Department : Department of Management and Marketing
Position : Rector, Professor, Politics, Culture & Communication

Prof. Kostas Gouliamos Mailing Address

22713137 22713137



Professor Dr. Kostas Gouliamos is the Rector of the European University Cyprus.

In 2018, he elected member of European Academy of Sciences and Arts. He is a Honorary Professor at Lanzhou City University in China and Vice President of the Board of Directors of the "Prometheus" Research Institute. He was former President of the Cyprus Universities Rectors' Conference, former Vice President of the Committee of The Cyprus State Archives. He was for more than 6 years a Member of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of the European Social Survey (ESS): an innovative research project that won Europe’s top social science award, the Descartes Prize. He has also been appointed Member to the Steering Committee for Higher Education & Research (CDED) of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg/France. According to the ‘University of Toronto Quarterly’ his research work - along with Professor William. Anselmi – qualifies him to “the Frankfurt School’s epigones”. He introduced (w/A. Theocharous) the concept of “marketing of war” and later he has expanded the concept in his research work.

Professor Gouliamos worked for six years (2005-2011) as Member of the Standing Committee for the Humanities of the European Science Foundation (ESF).

He served and/or serves as Senior Editor and/or member of Editorial Boards of distinguished academic Journals.  He was Editor of the “Journal of Critical Studies in Business & Society”, a journal that included in the Editorial Board leading scholars (i.e., Ulrich Beck, Fredric Jameson, Henry Giroux, Ernesto Laclau, Martin Jay, Douglas Kellner, Bob Jessop, Stanley Aronowitz, Mark Poster, Saskia Sassen, Robert Babe, Vincent Mosco). He has taken part in many international conferences and he has given several lectures as a keynote speaker in Europe, North America and Australia.

He has also served as Rapporteur and/or Referee for the European Science Foundation (ESF), high – ranking journals, publishing houses and major academic associations.

Part of his research work : (a) selected - listed in the Volume of the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS) produced by the London School of Economics & Political Science (recognized as a center of excellence for social sciences recourses by the European Union); (b) translated into several languages {French, Spanish, Slovak, Chinese, English, Italian}, and (c) included in the curricula of some of the best fifty (50) universities of the world.

He has served as External Evaluator for various National Accreditation Agencies across Europe. His work “The Marketing of War in the Age of Neo-militarism” (w/ C. Kassimeris) published by Routledge Advances in Sociology: “series that presents cutting-edge developments and debates within the field of sociology” (2012).

He is co-editor (w/ Bruce Newman and A. Theocharous) of the volume "Political Marketing strategic campaign culture" (Routledge, 2013). His work “The Monstrous Idol of Europe" published by Modern Horizons (2014); his latest book – w/ Mikis Theodorakis – is “Towards the Dialectic of Harmony” (Gutenberg, 20218).


B.A. – 1980 (Political Science), Panteion, Greece
Certificate of graduate study (1981 Public Administration/Administrative Law under Prof. Michalis Stasinopoulos), Panteion, Greece.
PhD research study (1984-1986 Communication Studies) Carleton University, Canada.PhD-1988 (SUMMA CUM LAUDE), Panteion University, Greece.

Research Programs

Critical studies in communication, public affairs, politics and culture.


BOOKS (indicative)

2014 (Modern Horizons) " Monstrous idol of Europe": Athens, Greece

2013 (Routledge Research in Political communication) strategic "Political Marketing strategic campaign culture" New York, NY, USA

2012 (Rutledge Advances in Sociology): The Marketing of War in the Age of Neo-Militarism (co-edited with C. Kassimeris). Routledge Advances in Sociology: New York, NY, USA

2010: Aspects of Cypriot society – findings from the European Social Survey (co-edited with M. Vryonides). En Typis Publications. Nicosia, Cyprus

2008: The Biopolitics of totalitarianism - essays on the pathologies of capitalism. Taxideftis: Athens.

2005: Happy Slaves – on Multicultural deficit (with A. Anselmi). Duologue Series. Guernica, Toronto / New York. Canada, USA

2004: Sacred Fallacies: Essays on Political and Cultural Communication. Gavrilides Publications. Athens, Greece.

1998: Elusive Margins: Consuming Media, Ethnicity and Culture (with W. Anselmi). Guernica, Toronto / New York. Canada, USA

1994: Mediating Culture: the politics of representation (co-edited with W. Anselmi). {Distinguished scholars contributed such as Noam Chomsky, C. Castoriadis, R. Babe, N. Poulantzas and others}. Guernica, Toronto / New York / Montreal. Canada, USA


CHAPTERS (indicative)

  1. 2008: National Identities and Supranational Elite. In M. Damanakis "Globalization and the Greek Diaspora" (electronic publication) Greece: EDIAMEP
  2. 2007: Collective representations of neo-capitalism. In "EU-USA Relations and Politics" published by Europarliament/ GUE/NGL Euro Parliamentary Group.
  3. 2006: ‘Tendencies and indicators of poverty in Cyprus’ (w/ A. Theocharous). In Yiannis Sakellis “Poverty, social exclusion and inequality”. National Centre for Social Research of Greece (EKKE). Athens, Greece.
  4. 2006: ‘Towards cultural socialization’. In L. Vassis “Tradition and Modernization”. Taxideftis Publications. Athens, Greece.
  5. 2004: ‘Viewers` participation and media accountability’. In Paolo Baldi “Broadcasting and Citizens”. Edizioni Eurispes. Rome, Italy.
  6. 2004: Cultural industries: the socialization of phantasmagoria. In L. Vassi “Media and Culture”. Endelechia Publications. Athens, Greece.
  7. 2003: ‘Factors affecting crises’. In J. Loucas “Maritime Power. INMER Publications. E.U
  8. 2002: ‘The necessity for a new policy’. In the volume “the Cyprus Issue” (edited Antonis Makrydemetris). Sideris Publications Athens/Greece.
  9. 1997: ‘The Information Highway and the diminution of the State’ in the Global Report Series on “Cultural Ecology: the changing dynamics of communication” (Ed. By Daniel Cliché). International Institute of Communications. London, UK

PAPERS (indicative)

  1. 2010: Guest-Editor (w/ A. Theocharous) for a special issue on “Political Public Opinion Capital: Innovative Approaches”. Journal of Political Marketing, Vol.9, Issue 1 & 2
  2. 2010: Political Public Opinion Capital ( introduction, w/ A. Theocharous) p.p 1-8 Journal of Political Marketing, Vol.9, Issue 1 & 2
  3. 2010: The Eurasian Strategy of Turkey. Monthly Review, No.61(126)
  4. 2008: Harming Democracy in Mediolatry Societies - Decoding the Marketing of War and Animosities through Photo Images (with A. Theocharous). Journal of Political Marketing. Vol 7, Numbers 3/4.
  5. 2008: Guest Editor for a special issue on “The Era of Globalization”. Hellenic Studies. Vol 16, No1.
  6. 2008: A Global Workforce: The Phenomenon of Labor Mobility in the E.U. with Special reference in Cyprus (with A. Theocharous). Hellenic Studies. Vol 16, No1.
  7. 2008: Social Responsibility - from Morphotypia to social symbolism (w/ A.Theocharous). Journal of Sciences and Society. Vol. 19, Spring 2008.


World/ European Reports

  1. 2007: The Humanities Position Paper. Contributed as Member of the Standing Committee for the Humanities/ European Science Foundation - to the Humanities Position Paper. Published by ESF, Strasbourg/ France.
  2. 2005: ‘Cypriot SMEs level on Corporate Social Responsibility’ ( electronic form). EUROCHAMBERS and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI). Nicosia / Brussels
  3. 1996: ‘The Greek Media Policy’ in the Global Report Series on “Media Ownership and Control in the Age of Convergence”(Ed. By Vicki MacLeod). International Institute of Communications. London, UK.


  1. 2012: Boustras G, Gouliamos K,: “The non-use of digital media in the establishment of a safety culture”.  EADIM 2012, University of Graz/Austria.        
  2. 2012: “New Aspirations: Towards a Political Collective-based Social Management” (w/ Yiannos Katsourides). China Center for Contemporary World Studies. Beijing, China (27-28.11.2012).
  3. 2012: Co-chaired of the Scientific and Organizing Committees of the International Conference on the European Social Survey (ESS) – Under the auspices of the Cyprus Presidency of the EU Council. European University Cyprus (23-25.11.2012).
  4. 2012: Co-chaired of the Organizing Committee of the International Symposium on “Gas & Oil Energy: Sharing Strategic Experiences for a Prosperous Furure”. Organized by the European University Cyprus and the Moscow State Open University,Chernomyrdin. Nicosia, 20-21.11.2012).
  5. 2011: Presentation of the European Science Foundation/SCH research profile in the Exploratory Workshop “Below the Waterline. How To Integrate Needs, Values, Emotions Into Societal Processes Towards Sustainable Development”. Organized by SERI Nachhaltigkeitsforschungs und - kommunikations GmbH (1-3.06.2011). Vienna, Austria
  6. 2011: “Digital culture and digital politics/democracy”. EADiM ‐ Academic Network Conference University of Graz/ Austria.
  7. 2011: Co- presented (w/ Dr. Marios Vryonides) a paper “Social Policy in South-Eastern Europe: A Comparative Analysis of the ESS data for Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Turkey”. International Scientific Conference on the ‘Role of Social Policy today: Critical Approaches and Challenges’. Organized by the Hellenic Social Policy Association. (09-11.11.2011). Panteion University. Athens, Greece.
  8. 2010: “Undeclared work: An In-Depth Study of Cyprus”. Organized by the SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY FOR SOCIAL COHESION & DEVELOPMENT. Athens, Greece (09.2010).
  9. 2010: Chaired a special session on the 6th International Political Marketing Conference. Member of the Scientific Committee of the Conference, organized by the Public Relations Association in Northern Greece & the University of Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki/Greece (24-26.09.2010).
  10. 2010: Presentation of the European Science Foundation/SCH research profile in the ESF-LiU Conference on “Paying Attention: Digital Media Cultures and Generational Responsibilities”. Linkoping University (LiU), Sweden (06-10.09.2010).
  11. 2010: Presentation of the European Science Foundation/SCH research profile in the Exploratory Workshop “Natural Resources for Innovative Design”. Eindhoven University of Technology (03-05.03.2010).
  12. 2009: Presentation of the European Science Foundation/SCH research profile in the Exploratory Workshop “Historical trajectories of contemporary societies – the development of civil society in Europe from the Middle Ages until today”. University of Antwerp/ Belgium (11-12. 11.2009).
  13. 2009: Presentation of the European Science Foundation/SCH research profile in the Exploratory Workshop “Religious Migrants and European Identities, 1400-2009”. Hamburg Warburghaus, Hamburg/Germany (10.2009)
  14. 2009: “Socio-cultural dimensions of the demographic change in the long-lived Cypriot society”. International Conference on “Regional Capacities on managing demographic change”. Panteios University/ Center of Social & Economic Research. Athens (22.01.2009).
  15. 2009: Respondent - Disparities in Europe. Interdisciplinary Workshop on “Changing Childhood in a Changing Europe”. University of Basil/Switzerland (26-27.02.2009).
  16. 2009: EuroMediterranean Research Programs: Adopting Critical Approaches and Methodologies. EMUNI conference on “Mediterranean region: a place for knowledge, exchange and cooperation”. EMUNI- CREMO/University of Aegean. Athens, Greece.
  17. 2008: “Corporate Social Responsibility and the current status of CSR in Cyprus” (w/ E. Polycarpou and Chr. Chrysanthou). Business and Economics International Conference. Lugano, Switzerland (19.07.2008).
  18. 2008: “Methodologies for constructing a message-oriented strategy campaign” (w/ Val. Polycarpou). Pre-Election Conference in Mid Sweden University. Stockholm/Sweden.
  19. 2008: ‘The strategic profile for research of ESF’. Institute of Biomedical Ethics/University of Zurich/Switzerland.
  20. 2008: "Quality in Universities in The EuroMed Area". First EPUF General Assembly. Mohammed V University al Agdal, Rabat, Morocco. (26-28/02/2008).
  21. 2008: “Presentation of the European Science Foundation/SCH research profile”. In the Exploratory Workshop ‘Transnational Human Rights Obligations in the Field of Economics, Social, and Cultural Rights’. Tilburg University. Tilburg, Netherlands (23-26.01.2008)
  22. 2008: "Evaluation of funding research programs". European Commission/Research Directorate General. CCAB - Centre Albert Borschette (28/01/2008.
  23. 2007: "The future of representative Democracy". ESF. Social Science Research Center/ Berlin - Germany
  24. 2007: “Remnants of Globalization: National Identities and Supra-National Elites”. International Conference on “Globalization and the Greek Diaspora” .University of Crete/School of Education. Rethymnon, Crete. Greece.
  25. 2007: “Communication Political Leadership for Participatory Democracy: from Weberian Model approaches to post-modern constructions”. 4th International Political Marketing Conference. University of Bucharest. Romania.
  26. 2006: “Social marketing as a culture of market” (presentation by Dr. A. Theocharous). In the Business and Economics Society International Conference, Organized by the Business and Economics Society International. Florence, Italy.
  27. 2006: “Cultural Socialization” in the 3rd Conference on “Tradition and Modernization in Greece of the 21st century”. National Research Foundation of Greece, Athens, Greece.
  28. 2006: “The culture of trust and Integrity-Mapping the Public Perception on Pre-Election Polls” (with Dr. A. Theocharous). 3rd International Political Marketing Conference on Political Marketing and Culture”. Cyprus College, Nicosia, Cyprus
  29. 2006: “The concept of culture in the political marketing process”. 1st International PhD Colloquium on political Marketing. Cyprus College, Nicosia, Cyprus.
  30. 2005:“The Business Ethics” in the 2nd bilateral conference on “Sustainable Economic and Social Development in Europe”. Cyprus College and National Centre of Social Research (EKKE) of Greece. Nicosia, Cyprus.
  31. 2005: Respondent to the subject “Communication in the Brave New Organizational World” for the session of Organizational Communication. The Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (ICA). New York, USA.
  32. 2005: “Poverty and social exclusion in Cyprus” (w/ A. Theocharous) in the International Conference on Poverty, Exclusion and Social Inequalities’. Organized by the National Centre for Social Research (EKKE) of Greece within the ‘Framework of the Program ‘Excellence in the Research fields of Poverty, Exclusion and Social Inequalities’-3RD Community Support Framework 2000-2006. Lavrio-Attikis, Greece.
  33. 2004: “From objective Photography to Subjective Narrative? Understanding and Interpretation of Conflict, Violence and Terrorism through Photo Images” (w/ A. Theocharous). 1st Global Conference on “Evil, Law and the State”. Oxford University –Oxford/UK.
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