Dr. Elena Stylianou

School : School of Humanities, Social and Education Sciences
Department : Department of Arts
Position : Associate Professor, Art History

Dr. Elena Stylianou Mailing Address


22029908 22029908

Email: E.Stylianou@euc.ac.cy E.Stylianou@euc.ac.cy


Elena Stylianou is Assistant Professor in Art History and Theory at European University Cyprus and the founder and coordinator of its Cultural Studies and Contemporary Arts Lab. Her research interests include contemporary art from Cyprus, museums and curatorial studies, and photography. She previously held a research postdoctoral fellowship at the University of London, Institute of Education, UK and earned her Doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University, NY with specialization in Art Theory and Education. She also holds an EdM from the same school in Art Education with emphasis in Museum Studies. She has taught in well-known museums in New York, such as the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Museum of the City of New York and she was the Saturday Academy Coordinator of the Museum of the City of New York in 2006-2007. She has lectured widely on a wide-range of topics, and has been involved in various curatorial projects at the Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, associated with the Pierides Foundation, Cyprus such as Other Indications (2013-2014), Treasure Island (2014), and Glyn Hughes 1931-2014 (2016-2017). She has also exhibited her work both locally and internationally (Düsseldorf, Germany and New York) at group exhibitions. She is recipient of numerous fellowships and awards, including a Fulbright Scholarship (USA), an Art Table Museum Fellowship in the Curatorial Department of the Museum of Arts & Design, NY (USA), and a Spencer Fellowship, Research Training Grant (USA). Her academic work has been published widely in book chapters and academic journals. She is currently working on an edited book volume with title Displaying Death Museums and Photography (co-edited) to be published by Routledge later this year.


  • 2004-2007, EdD Columbia University, Teachers College, New York, NY
  • 2002-2004, EdM Columbia University, Teachers College, New York, NY
  • 1997-2001, BEd (Hons.) University of Cyprus, Cyprus


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  • Chaired Session (2006) ‘Inventing Identity’, Graduate Research Conference, Columbia University, New York, USA.
  • Stylianou, E., & Zipris, EY. (2006, May)  ‘When the Sacred Becomes the Grotesque in Works of Art’, paper presented at SWIG: Scottish Word and Image Group, University of Dundee, Scotland, UK.
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