Dr. Stavros Stavrou Karayannis

School : School of Humanities, Social and Education Sciences
Department : Department of Humanities
Position : Vice-Chairperson, Associate Professor, Postcolonial Literature

Dr. Stavros Stavrou Karayannis Mailing Address

22713133 22713133

Email: S.Karayanni@euc.ac.cy S.Karayanni@euc.ac.cy


Dr. Karayanni pursued English studies in Canada on a Commonwealth scholarship. His research interests include postcolonial theory, culture, gender and sexuality, and contemporary Cyprus literature. Oriental dance has been the main focus of his intellectual interest and research. His book Dancing Fear and Desire: Race, Sexuality and Imperial Politics in Middle Eastern Dance (Wilfrid Laurier UP 2004, reprinted 2005 and 2006) reveals the intricate ways in which the present tradition of this controversial dance has been shaped by Eurocentric models that define and control identity performance. Karayanni has broken new ground for this controversial dance by incorporating it in his presentation of academic papers at international conferences, thus assisting its entry into cultural and critical debates. In 2006, Dancing Fear and Desire has won the European Society for the Study of English (ESSE) book award in Cultural Studies. Since 2007 he has been the managing editor of Cadences: A Journal of Literature and the Arts in Cyprus. He teaches English Literature and Cultural Theory in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities.


Ph.D English (Postcolonial Literature), University of Calgary, Canada
MA English, Dalhousie University, Canada
BA Honours, English, Trent University, Canada



  • Sexual Interactions: The Social Construction of Atypical Sexual Variations and Settings.  Co-authored with Andreas G. Philaretou and Constantinos N. Phellas. Boca Raton: Universal Publishers, 2006.
  • Dancing Fear and Desire: Race, Sexuality and Imperial Politics in Middle Eastern Dance.  Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2004 (Reprinted 2005, 2007, 2010).


Articles (refereed)

  • “Towards an Epistemology of Longing: Gender Disruptions and Resistance in Cyprus Narratives of Displacement.” Kunapipi: Journal of Postcolonial Writing, Vol XXXIII: 1-2, 231-244. April 2012.
  • “’My Body is a Crossroad of Sorts’: Performance, Postcoloniality, and the Body in Belly Dance—A Conversation with Stavros Stavrou Karayanni and Andrea Deagon.” Belghiti Rachid, Stavros Karayanni, Andrea Deagon. Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies, Vol. 17:1, 3-19. 2011.
  • “One November Night” (creative piece) 91st Meridian International Writing Program, The University of Iowa. Special Issue: Excerpta Cypria edited by Stephanos Stephanides, Volume 6.3, Summer 2009.
  • “Sacred Embodiment: Fertility Ritual, Mother Goddess, and Cultures of Belly Dance,” Religion and the Arts, Vol. 13 (2009). 448–463.
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  • “Situations – Cyprus After History: A dialogue with Spurgeon Thomson and Myria Vassiliadou,” Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, 6.2 (June 2004): 282-299.
  • “On the Subject of Cypriot Men…” Harrington Gay Men’s Fiction Quarterly 4:3 (January 2003).  81-88.


Chapters in Books (refereed)

  • “Migrant Goddess: Displacement, Gender and Transformation in Literature from Cyprus.” On The Move: The Journey of Refugees in New Literatures in English. Eds Geetha Ganapathy- Doré and Helga Ramsay-Kurz. Newcastle Upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012.
  • “?? ??t?e? t?? ?f??d?t??: ??????sµ??, ???e??p?a ?a? Se???a???? ?a?t?t?ta st?? ??p??a?? ??µ???at?a.”  Se???a????? ?????ep?d??se??: ? ????????? ??µ?s? t?? ?t?p?? Se???a????? S?µpe??f????. ???sta?t???? Fe????, A?d??a? F??a??t??, Sta???? ?a?a??????. ????a: ???t???, 2010.
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Encyclopedia Entries

  • “Modern Belly Dance.” Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism, General Editor: Stephen Ross (forthcoming).
  • “Arts: Performers and Performing Groups: Egypt and Turkey (including Ottoman),” Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures, Volume V: Practices, Interpretations and Representations. Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers, 68-71.

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