Dr. Panagiotis Parpottas

School : School of Humanities, Social and Education Sciences
Department : Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Position : Assistant Professor, Counselling Psychology

Dr. Panagiotis Parpottas Mailing Address

22713034 22713034

Email: P.Parpottas@euc.ac.cy P.Parpottas@euc.ac.cy


Dr Panagiotis Parpottas is a full time Assistant Professor of Counselling Psychology at the European University Cyprus, currently coordinator of the M.Sc. in Clinical/Counselling Psychology and director of KEPSYPA. Dr Parpottas completed his undergraduate studies in Psychology at National & Kapodistrian University of Athens and obtained his Doctorate in Psychotherapeutic & Counselling Psychology from the University of Surrey. During his specialization, he undertook training in three different models of therapy, the Person-Centred, the Psychodynamic and the Cognitive Behavioural. His clinical work is integrative and underpinned by Attachment theory. Dr Parpottas has worked psychotherapeutically with teenagers and adults in the UK (NHS and University Counselling Services), in Greece (Psychiatric department of General Hospital) and in Cyprus (Private Practice). He is a registered and licenced Counselling Psychologist in Cyprus and a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society. Dr Parpottas, served as external examiner appointed by University of East London (2012-2016) for the for BSc Psychology, MSc Clinical & Community Psychology, MA in Counselling & Psychotherapy and MSc Occupational & Organisational Psychology.


  • Psych.D in Psychotherapeutic & Counselling Psychology, University of Surrey, UK
  • Bachelor Degree in Psychology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece


Book Chapters:

  • Παρπόττας, Π. (2008). Η διεργασία του ψυχολογικού αποχωρισμού από τη βρεφική έως και τη πρώιμη ενήλικη ζωή: Πόσο σημαντική είναι; Στο Κεμερλίογλου, Α. (Επιμ.εκδ) Ανακαλύπτοντας την ψυχή του παιδιού μου (Κεφ. Α2, σσ. 23-28). Αθήνα: Εκδόσεις Πορφύρα.


Peer-reviewed Journal publications:

  • Parpottas, P., & Draghi-Lorenz, R. (2015). Effects of therapists’ attachment organisation on the process and outcome of therapy: A review of the literature. Counselling Psychology Review, 30(4), 44–56.
  • Parpottas, P. (2012). Working with the therapeutic relationship in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy from an attachment theory perspective. Counselling Psychology Review, 27(3), 91–99.
  • Parpottas, P. (2012). A critique on the use of standard psychopathological classifications in understanding human distress: The example of ‘Schizoid Personality Disorder’. Counselling Psychology Review, 27(1), 44–52.


Peer-reviewed Conferences:

  • Sivitanidou, M., Pepetsios, G., & Parpottas, P. (2016). Supervision standards in the training of applied psychologists and psychotherapists: Α comparative review and qualitative analysis of International and Cypriot trends. Announcement at the 6th Panhellenic conference of Counselling Psychology: Issues of multiculturalism and social justice in counselling psychology. Hellenic Psychological Society, November – 2016, Athens, Cyprus.
  • Parpottas, P., & Michael, K. (2016). Exploring the relationship between attachment styles, emotional intelligence and defence mechanisms in young adults. Announcement at the 6th Panhellenic conference of Counselling Psychology: Issues of multiculturalism and social justice in counselling psychology. Hellenic Psychological Society, November – 2016, Athens, Cyprus.
  • Parpottas, P., Sivitanidou, M., & Pepetsios, G. (2015). The significance of psychotherapeutic supervision: a comparative review between the international and Cypriot trends. Announcement at the 15th Panhellenic conference of psychological research: Psychology in Greece and the Mediterranean. Hellenic Psychological Society, May – 2015, Nicosia, Cyprus.
  • Parpottas, P. (2014). The role of Mother-child attachment bond in child’s mental health. Day conference, March – 2014, European University Cyprus, Nicosia.
  • Kouroumalos, N., Kalantzi, E., & Parpottas, P. (2009). Effectiveness of conventional and atypical antipsychotics in chronic daily headache. Poster presentation (P-30-013) in the 9th World Congress of biological psychiatry, 28 June – 2 July 2009, Paris – France.
  • Parpottas, P., Kalantzi, E., & Kouroumalos, N. (2008). Demographic and epidemiologic data of suicidal attempt cases within a year. Poster announcement in the 3rd dual congress of psychiatry and the neuroscience, 16-19 October 2008 – Athens.
  • Kalantzi, E., Parpottas, P., Mitsos, I., Kostopoulou, V., & Diallina, M. (2008). The Liaison-consulting Psychiatry team in the General Hospital of Athens G. Gennimatas. Poster announcement (A.No:347) in the 20th Panehellenic Psychiatric conference. 14-18 May 2008- Creta Maris, Hersonisos Crete, Greece.
  • Christopoulos, A., Terzioglou, E., Fatsea, E., Parpottas, P., & Sotiropoulou, I. (2007). The process of separation-individuation in young adults and its correlation with mental health, defensive style and self-perception, a cross culture study. A comparison between Greek, English, German, Cypriot and Nigerian University students. Presented in the 3rd conference of Clinical and Health Psychology, of Hellenic Psychological Society. November 2007, Thessalonica.


Invited presentations, seminars and trainings

  • Parpottas, P., Spyrou, I., & Stavrinou, M. (2015). Building healthy and effective relationships with my students: From theory to practice. Training for staff, November 2015, Cyprus College Limassol, Limassol.
  • Parpottas, P. (2014). The psychological effect of the economic crisis in family’s wellbeing. Open lecture, April 2014, Grammar School, Nicosia.
  • Parpottas, P. (2014). Mourning and adjustment from an attachment theory perspective. Seminar Presentation, April 2014, European University Cyprus, Nicosia.
  • Parpottas, P. (2013). The psychological effect of the economic crisis and ways to promote psychological wellbeing. Open lecture, March 2013, Ajax hotel, Limassol.
  • Papadopoulos, Y., & Parpottas, P. (2013). Broad spectrum of cancer and psychological support. Open lecture, January 2013, Trachoni Municipality, Limassol.
  • Aivazi, L., Comforti, M., Nzibo, A., Parpottas, P., & Spry-Leverdon, A. (2009). University students’ experiences of long distance romantic relationships: A qualitative study. June 2009, University of Surrey – UK.
  • Parpottas, P., & Spry-Leverdon, A. (2008). The impact of parental divorce on children: Exploring the psychological well-being of children from divorced families through the developmental stages and gender. December 2008, University of Surrey – UK.
  • Parpottas, P. (2006). Caring for people with disabilities. International day of persons with disabilities. December 2006, Athens.
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