Business Administration (18 months, MBA)


Business need to adapt. So do MBAs.

Today’s business context is not only about what you know, but about how much you are ready to learn, lead and generate value where there wasn’t before. It’s about network management, embracing digital, and expanding your skills.

We at European University Cyprus, have developed a transformative MBA experience that leverages the digital mean and the collective power of a global academic group like it’s never been done before to educate business leaders for today’s context.

Digital is put at the service of the student to enhance learning and deliver a seamless experience. The most innovative and effective learning methodologies and programs are integrated to develop our graduates’ management and leadership capabilities. And the academic program incorporates current economic and business paradigm and the latest body of knowledge.

Employment Opportunities

Finance, Industry, Retail, Business Consultancy, Human Resource Management, Start-up, Government and Semi-Government Organizations, International Organizations.

Program Outline

All students pursuing the MBA degree must complete the following requirements:

Degree Requirements Credits ECTS
MBA Core Courses 27 68
Research Project 3 22
Total Requirements 30 90

MBA Core Courses 27 Credits 68 ECTS
Code Course Title Credits ECTS
A621 Financial and Managerial Accounting 3 7
EC611 Managerial Economics and Finance 3 8
IB642 Global Business Environment 3 7
MG614 Decisions in Operations Management 3 8
MG645 Human Resource Management and Leadership 3 7
MG669 Strategic Management 3 8
MG686 Research and Technology Development 3 8
MK641 Strategic Marketing Management 3 8
MK643 Product and Services Management 3 7

Research Project 3 Credits 22 ECTS
Code Course Title Credits ECTS
MBA699 Master Comprehensive Project 3 22

Objectives & Outcomes

General Objectives

The MBA program aims to develop in students multi disciplined management knowledge and skills and create well-rounded business leaders that can work across organizational boundaries in today s business world with entrepreneurial skills and a clear vision for the future. Remaining in constant close contact with the business world, the School aims at reacting quickly to changes in the business climate in setting the content of its MBA program.  A synopsis of the general objectives is given below:

  • To provide an education leading to an academic degree, namely a Master of Business Administration (MBA).
  • To develop the student’s capacity to think, write and speak effectively and creatively.
  • To develop an appreciation of and respect for social, moral and ethical values as the foundation of man’s relationship to his fellow-man and his responsibilities to this community and country.
  • To build breadth of perspective and provide sufficient specialization to meet basic professional and career requirements.
  • To provide the student with the basic requirements for academic and/or career advancement.
Specific Objectives
  • To produce graduates who have the education and ability to assume leadership roles and undertake responsibilities.
  • To ensure a learning experience which will provide students with the necessary academic and professional know-how to enter any sector of the business community as a key person.
  • To introduce students to theories of business behavior and the relation of an organization to its internal and external environment as well as to management skills such as the ability to make decisions, analyze and solve business problems and communicate effectively.
  • To provide an overall view of the management of an enterprise in a complex and changing environment.
Learning Outcomes
By the end of the program, students are expected to have developed or further improved:
  • A systematic critical understanding of organizations, their management and their external context
  • The ability to apply relevant knowledge to complex situations
  • The ability to respond to and manage change
  • Conceptual abilities and analytical skills that enable them to:
    • Evaluate the rigor and validity of published research and assess its relevance to new situations;
    • Extrapolate from existing research and scholarship to identify new or revised approaches;
    • Practice a critical awareness of current issues in business and management informed by leading edge research and practice in the field;
  • An understanding of techniques appropriate to detailed investigation into relevant business and management issues the ability to acquire and analyze data and information, evaluate their relevance and validity, and synthesize information in the context of new situations
  • The ability to conduct research into business and management issues

Our graduates master business skills and competencies through our most innovative digital learning experience, global networking and personalized coaching; and develop their leadership skills through the exclusive Leadership Accelerator program.

Our graduates will excel at:

  • Evaluate the environment in which businesses operate with awareness of complexities, interdependencies, opportunities, risks and consequences, while being able to balance diverse stakeholder perspectives
  • Make decisions within a business context that are innovative, effective, ethical, and socially responsible
  • Generate solutions to complex business and management problems and opportunities through critical, creative, and strategic thinking and by applying appropriate theories, concepts, tools, skills, practices, and research
  • Develop their abilities to work with and influence others, while capitalizing on different group perspectives to meet their goals in diverse, complex, and global business environments
  • Create and lead processes and projects that benefit their organizations

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