Cambridge International Certificate in Financial English (ICFE)

For individuals who wish to succeed in the global business arena

If you are a finance professional or an accounting student seeking employment, Cambridge ICFE can be used to validate and improve your financial English language skills.Cambridge ICFE is also intended to help employers in the international finance arena with hiring and training of personnel, and to assist finance faculties and course providers with selection, placement and graduation of students.

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What is Cambridge ICFE?

  • an exam based on realistic texts, topics and tasks found in the daily working life of those employed in accounting and finance role.
  • produced and assessed in collaboration with ACCA - the largest and fastest-growing international accountancy body.
  • an advanced examination (set at levels B2 and C1 of the Common European Framework) which assesses language skills in a financial context 

The aims of ICFE

  • to assess candidates ability to operate in English in an international finance environment
  • to allow candidates to demonstrate to employers their ability to communicate in English with clients
  • to allow candidates to demonstrate to educational and training institutions their ability to follow a course of study in finance and accounting where significant portion of the instruction is in English
  • to have positive and beneficial impact on the content and delivery of English language training courses for finance and accounting professionals
  • to provide an examination to do this which is fair to all candidates and which is delivered to international standards
  • to allow test users to compare candidates’ results with other qualifications with are linked to the CEFR.

Who is ICFE suitable for?

Students studying finance and accounting
Cambridge ICFE is an ideal qualification for anyone thinking of, or already pursuing, a career in accountancy or finance. If you are considering a career in finance or are about to embark on studying towards an accounting or finance qualification, the qualification will be a valuable addition to  your CV.

Finance and accountancy professionals
If you are a finance professional with an already established and successful career, Cambridge ICFE can be used to validate your financial English  language skills and provide proof of your linguistic ability and expertise.
For employers, Cambridge ICFE can be used as a valuable recruitment tool to help with the selection process and training of your employees. This unique  exam will help the ambitious to demonstrate their skills and suitability for a successful career in international finance.

Who is ICFE suitable for?

If your company works across borders or is multinational, Cambridge ICFE can help your organization to develop globally consistent levels of English language proficiency with employees throughout the world. The qualification can also be incorporated into your organisation’s in-house learning and development programs to encourage the development and maintenance of high levels of English language skills for all your employees.

Preparation Course for November 2009 Examination

EUC Professional & Continuing Education Center invites you to join a preparation course with a total duration of 72 hours, for the next examination to be held on November 2009. The aim of the course is to introduce competent candidates to necessary skills and appropriate professional knowledge of Financial English that will enable them to pass the qualified exam from the first attempt.

The course will be offered at the premises of  EUC in Nicosia, at 6, Diogenous Str. Engomi and at the premises of the Cyprus College School of Professional Studies in Limassol, at 62, Vasilleos Constantinou Str., Petrou & Pavlou area, as follows:
Duration : 72 hrs
Time : Thursdays, 6:00 - 9:00pm
Start Date : 26 March, 2009
Completion Date : 29 October, 2009
Participation Fee : €769 (exam fees are not included in the price)


Duration : 72 hrs
Time : Fridays, 6:00 - 9:00pm
Start Date : 27 March, 2008
Completion Date : 30 October, 2009
Participation Fee : €769 (exam fees are not included in the price)


If you are a member or student of ACCA, we offer a special price of €589 for this course. Otherwise the following discounts are applied for a  number of participants representing the same   company  : 10% for 2,15% for 3,20% for 4 and more participants

For inquiries and registrations, you can contact EUC directly by:
Phone : 22.713.000
Fax : 22.662.051 
or by writing to :
European University Cyprus,
6, Diogenes Str.,
P.O.Box 22006, 1516 Nicosia -
Attn : Mrs. Sofia Papatheodoulou, Training Manager.
Internet enrollment is available 24 hours a day at

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ICFE Sample Papers

ICFE sample paper give an indication about the scope and approach adopted within the ICFE standard tests.

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Please click here to view answers for ICFE FAQs

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