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Our Department offers a variety of academic programs in all level of studies in Greek and/or in English. Specifically, the Department offers two four-year undergraduate programs: one in Early Childhood Education and one in Primary Education; postgraduate programs in Educational Management and Leadership, Special (Inclusive) Education, Early Childhood Education, and Technologies of Learning and Communication; as well a doctoral program in Education Sciences.

Our programs are offered through conventional modes of teaching and learning on campus as well as online in digital classrooms by distinguished academic staff (Academic research staff as well as Special Teaching Personnel) with a noteworthy track record in the various subfields of the Education Sciences nationally and internationally, as well as a vivid presence in the educational and social affairs in Cyprus.

The Department’s central goals are to offer the best possible education to the future educators who will be called upon to serve the profession in different settings and forms (public or private, for adults or children); to support and enhance the professional development of in-service teachers; and to promote the emergence of new local scientists in the field of Education. Our vision is to help foster those kinds of knowledges, skills and attitudes among our students, and through student-centered approaches, that will enable them to contribute productively in the educational, cultural and social arena in Cyprus and beyond.

The Department holds numerous collaborations for teaching and research purposes, participating in a variety of national, European and internationally-funded research projects, working together with a great number of scientific and research collaborators in the field of Education from Cyprus, Greece, other countries in Europe and beyond. Further, our Department hosts centers and labs with significant research activity in the field of education, such as the Learning in Early Childhood and Education Lab, the Educational Research and Evaluation Lab, the Inquiry in Science and Math Education Research Group, and the Assistive Technology Lab.

As for our graduates, they are employed as educators in public or private preschools and primary schools, as school assistants, as education staff in specialized centers for learning and play, in research centers, and in academic institutions.

On our website, you will find ample information on our programs, actions, and research activities.

Dr. Eleni Theodorou
Assistant Professor,
Chairperson, Department of Education Sciences

Undergraduate Programs of Study

Early Childhood Education (Bachelor of Arts)
The ‘Early Childhood Education’ program provides students with a thorough grounding in theory, and practice related to early childhood and pre-primary education. The program emphasizes the multidisciplinary skills required both to work in an educational setting, and ...

Primary Education (Bachelor of Arts)
The BA in ‘Primary Education’ is an integrated program offering a firm grounding in the theory and practice of teaching. The program provides deep insight into how children learn, as well as a clear understanding of current demands of the national curriculum. ...

Postgraduate Programs of Study

Early Childhood Education (Master)
The Master of Arts program Education Sciences: Early Childhood Education focuses on the education of children 3-8 years old and is oriented to the market. The program provides the educators with the potential of a profound understanding and specialisation in the field of Early ...

Educational Management and Leadership (Master)
The Master of Arts program Education Sciences: Educational Management and Leadership is designed for offering a comprehensive program in Education Leadership as well as for providing the students with knowledge and skills and also for creating the appropriate conditions that ...

Special (Inclusive) Education (Master)
This course aims at providing knowledge regarding the pedagogical, political, philosophical, theoretical and historical aspects of special integrative and inclusive education and also at providing knowledge and skills for identifying, evaluating and effectively responding to the ...

Technologies of Learning and Communication (Master)
The postgraduate program in Education Sciences: Technologies of Learning and Communication is oriented to the market. The program aims to offer educators, administrators and other professionals in education deeper understanding and specialisation in the field of new technologies ...

Doctorate Programs of Study

Education Sciences (PhD)
The PhD in ‘Education Sciences’ is a rigorous program of study that aims to provide candidates with the necessary guidance and skills to become independent researchers in the field. Education faculty covers a wide range of research interests. 

Administrative Staff > Departments

Name Position Phone Email
Marios Vryonides Dean,Professor, Sociology, Sociology of Education & Research Methods 22713112
Yiannis Miralis Deputy Dean, Associate Professor, Music Education 22713135

Name Position Phone Email
Eleni Theodorou Chairperson, Assistant Professor Social Foundations of Education 22713221
Loizos Symeou Professor, Sociology of Education 22713178
Maria Meletiou-Mavrotheris Professor, Mathematics Education 22713288
Loucas Louca Associate Professor, Science Education 22713022
Katerina Mavrou Associate Professor, Inclusive education & Assistive Technology 22559485
Paraskevi Chatzipanagiotou Assistant Professor, Educational Management 22559584
Chrystalla Papademetri-Kachrimani Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education & Early Childhood Mathematics Education 22713026
Constadina Charalambous Assistant Professor, Language Education & Literacy 22713214
Anastasia Hadjiyiannakou Lecturer, Special/ Inclusive Education 22713171

Special Teaching Personnel

Name Position Phone Email
Panos Panayiotou Senior Instructor, English 22713121
Marianna Efstathiadou Instructor, Early Childhood Education 22713215

Adjunct Professors

Name Position Phone Email
Theodoros Roussopoulos Adjunct Professor, Media and Communication 22713258
Christoforos Fokaides Adjunct Assistant Professor, Political Sciences 22713258


Name Position Phone Email
Andreas Makris Professor, Educational Admininstration & Teaching Methodology 22713244

Administrative Staff

Name Position Phone Email
Eleni Iacovidou Administrative Support 22559574
Ioanna Demou Administrative Assistant 22713081
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