Department of Humanities

The Department of Humanities is an interdisciplinary and multicultural unit. Our academic staff and instructors come from a variety of cultural backgrounds including Cyprus, Germany, the UK and the USA, and hold expertise in a wide variety of fields including Linguistics, English and American Literatures, Gender Studies, English as a Foreign Language, Media and Communication Studies,. Currently offering a BA and an MA in English Language and Literature, the Department also prides itself at being involved in almost all degrees at EUC since we offer, among others, courses in English as a Foreign Language, Communication, Public Speaking and Greek Language.


BA in English Language and Literature:

This is the Department’s oldest degree on offer, qualifying Cypriot and international students with a highly competitive BA degree. The English faculty comprises of research scholars with a broad spectrum of research interests; sociolinguistics and second language acquisition, poetry and prose, dance and theatre, literary theory and film, Gothic novel and feminist fiction. EUC Humanities scholars maintain an active research record with consistent conference participation and international publications by recognized and prestigious academic presses. Many of our BA English graduates have moved on to become successful EFL teachers, aided and encouraged by the Teacher Training Seminars offered free of charge by the Department and taught by specialized faculty focusing on specific areas of EFL teaching. Other graduates have successfully pursued MA degrees in Literature or Linguistics in mostly British universities, others have established themselves as among the island’s most promising new poets and writers, winning poetry competitions and publishing creative work.


English as a Foreign Language:

Humanities has a profound investment in English as a Foreign Language and supports the English language needs of the entire EUC, including courses in English for specific purposes. We currently offer English for Health Sciences, English for Business, as well as Technical Writing.


Greek as a Foreign Language:

With the establishment of the School of Medicine, the Department of Humanities designed and started offering courses in Greek as a Foreign Language specifically for the students studying Medicine and Dentistry. The Department currently offers four levels of Greek to students at the School of Medicine, in preparation for their clinical practice in hospitals in Cyprus, and we are developing further courses as needed.


Student Exchange Stockton University, New Jersey, USA

The student exchange program with Stockton University, initiated in the Fall of 2017, offers students in the School of Humanities, Social and Education Sciences a unique opportunity to study

at an American university for one semester. This exchange provides undergraduates with a study-abroad experience at the same cost as studying at EUC. The credits earned from course work in the United States are eligible for transfer towards the completion of the students’ degree at EUC.

Stockton University is among the top 10 Public Regional Universities in the North according to the U.S. News and World Report 2018 “America’s Best Colleges.”


The Literary Society:

The Literary Society organizes many and diverse activities, constituting a unique contribution to the island’s literary scene. These activities include guest lectures that focus on an area of literary study, and literary events where notable poets and writers from all the island’s communities, and even overseas, read their work. Furthermore, these events provide the opportunity to our BA students to perform their favourite literary works in an “Open Mic” format. Literary Society events are successful in attracting the participation of students and faculty, but also the public from a range of backgrounds and disciplines. The variety and success of its activities, the broad participation, and the learning support it provides to students, have established the Literary Society as a vital link between the program and the community.


Cadences: a Journal of Literature and the Arts in Cyprus

Cadences is a multilingual, literary journal published by the Department of Humanities at European University Cyprus. It publishes poetry, short fiction, autobiography, and experimental or cross-genre workby writers who are Cypriot or connected with Cyprus, as well as book reviews. This journal forms a venue where writers think, feel, and express themselves in several languages - Greek, Turkish, and English being the most prominent. A lively and dynamic publication, Cadences has acted as a meeting point where writers from various communities may find each other, and learn from their encounters with difference. It is committed to building bridges between the communities of a troubled island. It is proud to have published some of Cyprus’ greatest poets while also paying serious attention to emerging writers, including several students from the English BA. The journal’s advisory editorial board is composed of prominent writers and academics from the Greek-, Turkish-, Armenian-Cypriot communities as well as members of the Cyprus diaspora. By publishing literature in the island’s official languages and including contributions from temporary residents and visitors, Cadences reflects the diversity of the island’s writing and enhances cultural understanding and communication in a complex and constantly transforming environment.



The Linguistics Club

The Linguistics Club welcomes EUC students who share interest in the scientific study of language. It aims at promoting the exchange of ideas on current Linguistics issues through academic and social activities. The Cluboffers the chance to its student-members to organize screenings of films related to various disciplines of Linguistics, as well as providing opportunities to its members to get together and discuss new linguistics tendencies, their own linguistics projects or the publication of new scientific journal

articles in Linguistics. Finally, the Club invites linguists from institutions in Cyprus and abroad who deliver lectures on topics of their specialization.


Invited Local Linguist: Lecture Series

Since 2011, the Invited Local Linguist lecture series has hosted linguists working in other universities and institutions in Cyprus. Through these lectures, invited linguists of various disciplines deliver lectures on their recent research. The aim of these lectures is to offer EUC students the chance to attend lectures beyond their ordinary classes, enrich their knowledge on key linguistics topics and elaborate on linguistics issues relating to Cyprus. The lectures attract audiences, faculty members and students, from other local universities and institutions.


The Linguist’s Forum: The forum hosts an internationally known linguist who delivers an evening public lecture at European University Cyprus. The invited speakers are prominent Linguistics professors from universities outside Cyprus. The organization of the event aims at the presentation and discussion of hot international linguistic issues that attract audiences from the linguistic society of Cyprus as well as scholars and students from other disciplines.


Dr. Charis Xinari

Chairperson, Department of Humanities

School of Humanities, Social and Education Science



Undergraduate Programs of Study

English Language and Literature (Bachelor of Arts)
The English Language and Literature program enables students to develop the critical skills needed for textual reading and analysis, as well as the practical skills required to understand and teach the world’s primary international language. The program covers a broad ...

Mass Media and Communication (Bachelor of Arts)
The BA Mass Media and Communication offers a unique degree that combines the theoretical and practical approach to media and communication studies, while also maintaining high standards of research. Its interdisciplinary nature and fostering critical thinking are core elements ...

Postgraduate Programs of Study

Digital Media (Master of Science)
This program provides students with the analytical skills to investigate digital media in the context of social, political and economic change while also providing them with the technical skills and know-how to become informed and active participants and professionals in the ...

English Language and Literature (Master of Arts)
The Master of Arts in English Language and Literature offers students the opportunity to examine literary, theoretical and critical texts from a variety of cultural contexts, fostering advanced skills of comprehension, interpretation, and analysis. A core feature of the program ...

Doctorate Programs of Study

There are no doctorate programs offered.

Administrative Staff > Departments

Name Position Phone Email
Marios Vryonides Dean,Professor, Sociology, Sociology of Education & Research Methods 22713112
Yiannis Miralis Deputy Dean, Associate Professor, Music Education 22713135

Name Position Phone Email
Charis Xinari Chairperson Associate Professor, Critical and Cultural Theory 22713120
Stavros Stavrou Karayannis Vice-Chairperson, Associate Professor, Postcolonial Literature 22713133
Petra Tournay-Theodotou Professor, English Literature 22713115
Dimitra Karoulla-Vrikki Associate Professor Sociolinguistics 22713247
James Mackay Assistant Professor, American Literature 22713257
Charalambos Papageorgiou Assistant Professor, Philosophy 22713177

Special Teaching Personnel

Name Position Phone Email
Panos Panayiotou Senior Instructor, English 22713121
Monica Hadjichrysanthou Senior Instructor, English & Communication 22713147
Claire Georghiou Senior Instructor, English 22713266
Krystallo Nicolaou Instructor, English & Communication 22713160
Sonja Tilliros Instructor, English 22713262

Adjunct Professors

Name Position Phone Email
Theodoros Roussopoulos Adjunct Professor, Media and Communication 22713258
Christoforos Fokaides Adjunct Assistant Professor, Political Sciences 22713258

Administrative Staff

Name Position Phone Email
Eleni Iacovidou Administrative Support 22559574
Ioanna Demou Administrative Assistant 22713081
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