Department of Life Sciences

The Department of Life Sciences was founded in the Fall of 2015 under the existing School of Sciences incorporating 5 Bachelor  and 2 Master degree programs (listed below) in the field of Life Sciences, previously offered by the Department of Health Sciences . 

The Department of Life Sciences is a vital part of EUC’s initiative to become a leading University in the region, offering excellence in Teaching, Research and Service with a strong student-centered focus. Our department is committed to fostering interdisciplinary research in the Life Sciences, as we work towards our mission to improve the quality and standard of life with applications in health care, agriculture, medicine, and the pharmaceutical and food science industries and to prepare graduates that have the skills to become true leaders in their fields.

The Department’s full-time faculty consists of distinguished scientists and experts with long academic, research and professional experience in their respective fields. In addition, there is an active and involved group of adjunct faculty, special scientists and scientific collaborators.

In our modern and fully equipped facilities our students can practice on their laboratory coursework and master skills necessary to enhance their employability. Furthermore, to ensure that our students’ clinical practice and internship is implemented effectively, our Department collaborates with several public and private hospitals, analytical laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, the food industry, as well as, with other specialized private institutions.

Our graduates can pursue successful careers in public and private health care units and organizations, community and sports clubs, private and government pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies and industry, clinical, analytical and research laboratories, schools, food processing companies etc. in Cyprus and abroad. Our programs of study allow for our graduates to register in the respective, for each regulated profession, local councils.

Dr. Sotiris Michaleas

Chair – Department of Life Sciences

Undergraduate Programs of Study

Biological Sciences (General Biology) (Bachelor of Science)
The program in Biological Sciences (B.Sc.) offers students the flexibility of selecting, at the end of the first two years of a common studies program, between the General Biology and the General Microbiology paths. The program is designed to address the foundations of the ...

Biological Sciences (General Microbiology) (Bachelor of Science)
The program in Biological Sciences (B.Sc.) offers students the flexibility of selecting, at the end of the first two years of a common studies program, between the General Biology and the General Microbiology paths. The program is designed to address the foundations of the ...

Biomedical Sciences (Bachelor of Science)
The Biomedical Sciences Program is designed to provide students with a solid scientific foundation in biology in relation to human health and disease. Emphasis will be given in the mechanisms governing normal human homeostasis as well as pathobiology of human diseases and all ...

Nutrition and Dietetics (Bachelor of Science)
The European University Cyprus Nutrition and Dietetics program provides future Nutritionists / Dietitians with high-caliper basic education, professional skills and competencies so that they are sufficiently capable to support the improvement of human dietary habits and ...

Pharmacy (Bachelor of Science)
Through this five-year program, students will have the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in basic subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Human Anatomy and Physiology as well as engage in the full range of Pharmaceutical Sciences including Medicinal ...

Sports Science and Physical Education (Bachelor of Science)
The “Sport Science and Physical Education” program of the European University Cyprus consists of an innovative and sophisticated academic intervention in the field of sport and athletic area in Cyprus and Greece. The program is aimed at people wishing to pursue their ...

Postgraduate Programs of Study

Applied Nutrition and Dietetics (Master of Science)
The Master program in Applied Nutrition and Dietetics provides students with advanced theoretical knowledge and practical training required for specializing health professionals in the fields of Clinical Dietetics-Nutrition and Sports Nutrition. It provides candidates with the ...

Sports Science (Master of Science)
The master degree in Sport Science is a leading innovative program that is being developed within a sophisticated and dynamic academic and research environment. Through their studies, the students following the program have the opportunity to deepen and upgrade their knowledge ...

Doctorate Programs of Study

There are no doctorate programs offered.

Administrative Staff > Departments

Name Position Phone Email
Panagiotis Papageorgis Acting Dean, Associate Professor, Biology 22713158
Andreas A. Ioannides Professor, Physics and Neurescience AAI Scientific Cultural Services Ltd, Cyprus 22713293 N/A
Constantinos Karteroliotis Part time teaching personnel N/A n/a
Grigoris Bogdanis Part time teaching personnel N/A n/a
Konstantinos Katzis Deputy Dean, Associate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering 22713296

Name Position Phone Email
Sotiris Michaleas Chairperson, Assistant Professor, Pharmacy 22713043
Apostolos Zaravinos Associate Professor, Biology 22559577
Vasiliki Gkretsi Assistant Professor, Biomedicine 22559630
Stavrie Chrysostomou Assistant Professor, Nutrition and Dietetics 22713293
Eleni Moushi Assistant Professor, Pharmacology 22559629
Andreas Avgerinos Assistant Professor, Pedagogy In Physical Education 22559535
George Panayiotou Assistant Professor, Sport & Exercise Physiology 22713111
Constantinos Nikiforou Assistant Professor, Pharmacology 22559644
Anastasios Theodorou Assistant Professor, Biology of Exercise 22713110
Irene Tzanetakou Lecturer, Research Methodology/Epidemiology 22713286
Antonia Sophocleous Lecturer, Biochemistry 22559614
Athanasios Skouras Lecturer, Biopharmacy/Pharmaceutical Technology 22713278

Special Teaching Personnel

Name Position Phone Email
Maria Nicolaou Instructor, Nursing 22713197
Maria Zoumpopoulou Instructor, Ergotherapy 22559628

Lab Assistants/Clinical Trainers

Name Position Phone Email
Ioanna Menikou Lab Assistant/Supervisor, Nursing 22559555

Adjunct Professors

Name Position Phone Email
Kyriakos Kypreos Adjunct Professor, Pharmacology & Metabolic disorders 22713000 N/A
Antonia Vlachou Adjunct Professor, Systems Biology of Cancer 22713000 N/A
Ourania Tsitsilonis Adjunct Associate Professor, Tumor Immunology 22713000 N/A
Ioannis Trougakos Adjunct Associate Professor, Sytems Biology of Ageing and Cancer 22713000 N/A
Georgia Sotiropoulou Adjunct Associate Professor, Pharmacology 22559410 N/A
Maria Kontoyianni Adjunct Associate Professor, Medicine Chemistry 22559410 N/A
Christiana Charidemou-Philippou Adjunct Assistant Professor, Nutrition and Dietetics 22559568
Ioannis Karris Adjunct Assistant Professor, Nutrition and Dietetics 22713227
Maria Constantinou Adjunct Lecturer, Sports Physiotherapy 22559486 N/A

Honorary Doctor

Name Position Phone Email
Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee Honorary Doctor, Computer Science 22713000 N/A
Kypros Nicolaides Honorary Doctor, Fetal Medicine 22713000 N/A

Visiting Faculty

Name Position Phone Email
Ioannis A. Mylopoulos Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki, Greece N/A

Administrative Staff

Name Position Phone Email
Fotini Tsaliki Administrator 22 713205
Flora Theodorou Administrative Support 22713205
Theodora Georgiou Administrative Assistant 22 713227
Nasia Alexandrou Administrative Assistant 22559486
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