Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

The Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences is an interdisciplinary unit, part of the School of Humanities, Social and Education Science. Offering different programs of study in the fields of European Studies, Social Work, Sociology and Psychology, members of the department seek to introduce students to contemporary phenomena and events that affect modern-day society. The department prides itself on the scientific diversity of its staff members, evident from their distinct research agendas and areas of expertise. Students pursuing a degree in one of the department’s programs of study will join a vibrant and stimulating academic community that will provide them with the necessary tools for success in their professional careers. 

Dr. Monica Shiakou
Chairperson, Department of Social and Behavioral Science
School of Humanities, Social and Education Science

Undergraduate Programs of Study

Psychology (Bachelor of Arts)
A BA in Psychology equips students with a thorough grounding in both theory and practice.  The program focuses on understanding how people think, develop, and interact.  Students learn how the brain works, how it changes with age, and how humans perceive and interpret ...

Public Administration and Governance (Bachelor of Arts)
The BA in Public Administration and Governance provides the student with the necessary knowledge in a compact framework combining elements from key areas of the public sector in order to consolidate the concepts of public administration and governance. The main objective of the ...

Social Work (Bachelor of Arts)
A BA in Social Work prepares students for a demanding and rewarding career as key agents supporting community well being. The program focuses on the role of the social worker in implementing government welfare policy, as well as in identifying and assisting those in need of ...

Postgraduate Programs of Study

Career Guidance and Counseling (Master)
The program seeks to provide a high level of scientific knowledge to prepare qualified scientists who will help individuals in career planning, professional and educational guidance, and in career development and growth.

Psychology (Master of Science)
This is an applied program with an option to follow one of the two specializations, clinical or counselling psychology. It leads to a Master of Science degree (M.Sc.) which prepares the candidate to apply for professional licensure in the Republic of Cyprus. The program provides ...

Public Administration (Master in Public Administration)
The program provides students with knowledge and skills at both theoretical and practical level and is suitable for graduates working in the area of the public sector and to people aiming to work in this area (eg public services, local government, semi-government organizations ...

Doctorate Programs of Study

Psychology (PhD)
The Ph.D. in Psychology is a program of study  that provides the opportunity to candidates to carry out research in a field of Psychology, choosing among Clinical, Counseling, Developmental, Neuropsychology, School and Social Psychology. The ultimate goal is to train ...

Administrative Staff > Departments

Name Position Phone Email
Marios Vryonides Dean,Professor, Sociology, Sociology of Education & Research Methods 22713112
Yiannis Miralis Deputy Dean, Associate Professor, Music Education 22713135

Name Position Phone Email
Monica Shiakou Chairperson Associate Professor, Educational Psychology 22713201
Eleonora Papaleontiou Louca Vice-Chair, Associate Professor, Developmental & Educational & Cognitive Psychology 22713189
Christos Kassimeris Professor, International Relations 22713132
Andreas Orphanides Professor, History, Archaeology & Anthropology 22713252
Spyros Spyrou Professor, Sociocultural Anthropology 22713167
Andreas Philaretou Associate Professor, Social Psychology 22713134
Panagiotis Parpottas Assistant Professor, Counselling Psychology 22713034
Elenitsa Kitromilides Assistant Professor, Neuropsychology/cognitive Psychology 22713281
Paris Vogazianos Assistant Professor, Research Methods and Statistics 22559657
Eleni Athanasiou Lecturer, Child Protection & Social Policy 22713105

Special Teaching Personnel

Name Position Phone Email
Petra Daniel Senior Instructor, Sociology 22713254
Panos Panayiotou Senior Instructor, English 22713121
Nicos Sozos Instructor, Social Work 22713113

Adjunct Professors

Name Position Phone Email
Theodoros Roussopoulos Adjunct Professor, Media and Communication 22713258
Christoforos Fokaides Adjunct Assistant Professor, Political Sciences 22713258

Administrative Staff

Name Position Phone Email
Eleni Iacovidou Administrative Support 22559574
Maria Constantinou-Kois Administrative Assistant 22 713258
Ioanna Demou Administrative Assistant 22713081
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