The inventor of World Wide Web at our University

European University Cyprus will award the title of Honorary Doctor to the Inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, the scientist whose work has literally transformed the world we live in. Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee is one of Time Magazine’s ‘100 Most Important People of the 20th Century’.

The pioneer computer scientist and inventor conceived and developed the Internet communication language, the http protocol (Ηypertext Τransfer Ρrotocol), as well as the Universal Resource Identifier (URI) which is how each page is identified with a specific address to meet the demand for automated information-sharing between scientists in universities and institutes around the world.

With the help of his associates, Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee presented the first version of the World Wide Web in 1990, along with the first browser, as well as the first web server.

On Monday, May 6, at 12:00 pm, European University Cyprus will welcome Sir Tim Berners-Lee who will be awarded the title of Honorary Doctor of the School of Sciences by the Senate. European University Cyprus Rector, Professor Kostas Gouliamos, remarked that "Honoring Sir Tim Berners-Lee is not only significant for the scientific community of European University Cyprus but for the whole of Cyprus. A pioneer scientist of the 21st century will be amongst us to share his thoughts."

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is currently the Director of the World Wide Web Consortium, which he founded with the aim of bringing member organizations and its full-time staff together in the development of standards for the World Wide Web.

He is also a researcher and holder of the 3Com seat at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (CSAIL) workshop.

The award ceremony is open to the public. For further information and participation please click here.

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