Withdrawal Policy

Students who choose to withdraw from a course will receive no credit, and will be subject to the University’s tuition-refund policy (when applicable).


Withdrawal Initiated by Student


Students must notify the Office of the Registrar or their Advisor of their intention to withdraw from a course, by submitting a Withdrawal form. Students who withdraw from a course before the deadline listed below will receive a grade of ‘W’, which will not affect their GPA.


Fall and Spring Semesters: End of 10th week of classes

Summer Session: End of 3rd week of classes


Students who do not file for withdrawal within the deadline will continue to be registered for the course. If they have not completed course requirements, they will be assigned an F as a final grade.


Withdrawal Initiated by the Instructor


An instructor may request the withdrawal of a student from a course because of non-attendance and/or inappropriate registration (where the student does not meet course prerequisites). The instructor must inform the Office of the Registrar of any withdrawal before the 10th week of classes in the Fall and Spring Semesters, and before the 3rd week of classes in the Summer Session.

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