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The programs of European University Cyprus (EUC) Continuing Education & Professional Development Training Center give you the tools you need to advance in your career and thrive in your company. In today’s competitive business world, anyone looking to advance must perform with excelled productivity and create clear career goals. Training in personal development provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the communication, organizational, and motivational skills you need to succeed in any company.
Training shows you how to promote a positive and creative work environment in your company that is sure to be appreciated by colleagues and managers, and gives you the strong communication skills necessary for growth. Through effective communication, you will understand the components of successful professional networking and of building strong business relationships. These skills are essential for the success in any industry.


Personal development training also benefits you outside of your profession, in your personal life. You will learn skills for balancing work with your private life. Through personal development training, you will gain skill in minimizing and dealing with stress- helping you to avoid feeling overwhelmed in any area of your life. Personal development skills like time management, developing a positive attitude, and setting practical goals will aid you in every aspect of your life. 


Information technology as well plays a key role in nearly every business, and demand for skilled employees is growing daily. Effective Information Technology (IT) professionals are the backbone of any successful organization in today's global competitive business environment. Organizations need to be assured the professionals they hire can handle real-world; technology-based responsibilities, and employees and job seekers need credentials that demonstrate these qualities. Imagine how much more effective you would be with a clear understanding of how computer technology works and fits together.


Our high-standards and state-of-the-art facilities provide a learning experience that ensures your training investment produces the results you and your organization expects. For more information on our training seminars, or if you require a tailor made course, contact Mrs. Sofia Papatheodoulou, Training Manager at +357 22.713.000 or e-mail us at to arrange a preliminary discussion on your needs and we will be pleased to arrange a quotation.


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EUC Continuing Education & Professional Developmental Training Center provides exceptional training services designed to maximize the professional and personal development of individuals and organizations. As a leading provider of training solutions, EUC is dedicated to ...

Information Technology Training Solutions

You've read it in the newspapers and heard it on the radio. Information Technology professionals are in demand and EUC Continuing Education & Professional Developmental Training Center knows there's no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" training solution. That's why we ...

Standard Desktop Applications

Software is constantly changing. Microsoft, Lotus, Corel and other vendors are regularly upgrading office packages. So, how you keep you're employees trained in all of the latest popular software?   Our schedule of classes in Information Technology provides a wide range ...

Schedule of Classes


Desktop applications are powerful tools

Our seminars on Information Technology make your users more effective and your employees can realize an increase in productivity just by taking classes with us.

Technical Training

There are many places you can go for technical training but not many give you the hands-on-experience you get in our classroom. With our training modules you not only come away with the knowledge you need in order to be a technical expert - you also get the know-how to use what ...

Human Resources Development Authority Subsidizations

The training activities promoted by the HRDA are designed to meet the needs of the economy as a whole, as well as those of enterprises and of the labor force. These needs are identified by research studies and surveys. In accordance with the law, HRDA's services do not cover ...


Six easy ways to enroll Complete the enrollment form with your contact and payment details including course name and then send it to us:     Online Registration Enrollment form By ...

Business Skills & Personal Development Training Solutions

With EUC as your partner in professional development, you have at your fingertips the materials and people to ensure success. The Business Training and Development programs at EUC Continuing Education Center can help your organization meet performance, productivity and ...

In-Company Training Solutions

The success of our in-company training rests firmly on understanding your needs and applying the most appropriate trainer and training solution. Depending on the nature of your needs and how bespoke would like your training to be, we can offer you a number of in-company ...

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