Remote access to Library now possible through OpenAthens

Access to online resources has been an issue among student and academic staff. Being a University believer in using technology as leverage, the University sought a technology that expands and simplifies access to online resources. This led to choosing OpenAthens, an authentication service that allows users to access all online resources subscribed by the library anytime, anywhere using a single sign-on. It is convenient and simple to use because users only have to remember one username and password to access all online databases. It is the same Username and Password that you use to gain access to the University Network.
OpenAthens is an Identity and Access Management System used to authenticate eligible students, faculty and staff to the electronic resources delivered by the library of  European University Cyprus. More importantly, OpenAthens provides the user with single sign-on access to both internal and external web-based resources.
Visit OpenAthens at in order to login in and access the subscribed Library databases.
For more information about OpenAthens or to request help in logging in and using online resources via OpenAthens, please get in touch with Library staff.

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