Welcome message from the Rector

Dear students, faculty and staff, 
I would kindly like to welcome everyone to the start of the new academic year 2017-18. 
I would also like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new and old students, faculty and staff. 
In particular, our new students have made a great decision to join European University Cyprus. They will soon find out what makes European University Cyprus one of the Region's outstanding universities. 
Indeed, it is the EUC's osmosis of exceptional academic and administrative personnel that make us such an impressive university with high-quality academic programs, exceptional support services, outstanding teaching and cutting-edge research.
The operation - for example- of our new dentistry program epitomizes our active link to the task of institutionalizing innovative knowledge directed both to the present and the future at the same time. 
In addition, we can capitalize more on our Microsoft Innovation Center as it is able to provide innovative and professional services currently unmatched throughout the country. 
Meanwhile supporting employability, experiential learning and research is an accentuated task, one in which the European University Cyprus supports innovation and technology transfer. 
Taking into consideration our powerful academic enlightenment, there is no doubt that we can effectively navigate into the future, relying heavily on our competitive advantages, including,conveying and preserving cooperation, teamwork, emotional intelligence, socio-cultural values and internationalization. 
Over this year and the next several years, European University Cyprus will continue to possess and enhance both a significant performance in all levels and an immense responsibility. 
Our task is to create a more competitive environment with a superb level of education, academic and administrative services. 
Dear students, faculty and staff,
I am grateful to all of you who gave your energy and expertise to actions and initiatives that enhance excellence at European University Cyprus. 
Thank you, for all the achievements and international recognitions we have made. 
Due to this, we belong - inter alia - to the 816 prestigious universities worldwide of the Observatory Magna Charta Universitatum as of 30th of August, 2017. 
I am sure that we will become stronger in intellectual, social, moral, physical, and esthetic ways. We are definitely going to have another successful year. 
I am looking forward to seeing EUC's continued growth and success as Cyprus' High Quality and Innovative University.
Welcome back and I wish you all a great year.
Best Regards,

Prof. Kosta Gouliamos, PhD
European University Cyprus

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