White Coat Ceremony of European University Cyprus School of Medicine

First-year Medicine and Dentistry students of European University Cyprus, coming from Germany, Austria, Greece, Spain, Russia, Norway, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands and other countries, participated in the White Coat Ceremony marking their induction to the school, as well as the commitment to their studies in Medicine and Dentistry. This is something that the School – and by extension the country – can be proud of, with so many nationalities now trusting the European University Cyprus Medical School for new generation doctors.

In the address of the President of the House of Representatives, Mr Demetris Syllouris, which was read by the President-in-Office, Adamos Adamou,  he said that "the operation of the Medical School of European University Cyprus has created a new reality in our country, covering a serious gap in the university curriculum and granting prestige and added value to the academic education we offer”. Off-the-record, MP Dr. Adamos Adamou, who is a well-known oncologist, spoke, emotionally charged, about the Dean of the School of Medicine of European University Cyprus, Professor Giorgos Petrikos, of whom he himself was a student in Athens. "I take the opportunity to thank you Giorgos for all you have taught me. Forty-two years of serving medicine, I believe that your advice and instructions have helped me," said Dr. Adamou.

In the address of the Minister of Health Mr. Konstantinos Ioannou, he stated that " European University has proven in the six years of operation of its School of Medicine, in the two years of operation of the Dentistry Program, the excellent education that it provides to its students through a very well structured curriculum, as well as its excellent administrative organisation to fully meet their educational needs”.  The speech was read by the Executive Director of the Makarios Hospital, Dr. Andreas Neophytou who invited old and new students to carry out their practice at the Hospital, saying that "Makarios' doors are open to continue and to further deepen our cooperation with European University Cyprus".

President of the Pancyprian Medical Association Dr. Peter Agathangelou, also offered valuable advice in his address to the young Medical School students, saying “we are doctors, we are not health professionals. We have a different relationship, the relationship between "doctor and patient". We do not provide services to customers. Always keep that in mind. This Hippocratic notion. As doctors, always respect your patient. Do no harm. Strive for the best you can do. I wish you to become excellent doctors!

The Dean of the School of Medicine Professor George Petrikos and Dean Professor Elizabeth Johnson delivered inspiring speeches. “Excellence is a matter of teamwork,” said Professor Petrikos. Dean Johnson advised the students at the conclusion of her speech: “Make the difference. Voltaire had said that "great power implies great responsibility." Being a doctor or dentist is a privilege. With this privilege comes the power. With this privilege, you have to think about how you can give back to society. How can you make the difference. This is your own privilege and your own responsibility as future leaders in the medical sector. And today you become professionals. From today, you accept the responsibilities, obligations but also the sacrifices that accompany the privilege of studying and practicing Medicine and Dentistry”.

The White Coat Ceremony is a symbolic transition event, during which the first-year students of European University Cyprus School of Medicine wear their first white medical robes with the help of their professors. They then swear to dedicate themselves to the subject of medical science and to serve their patient, displaying integrity and a high sense of responsibility during their studies.

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