Department of Arts

Research Profile

The research activities and interests of the Department of Arts cover a wide spectrum of topics relating to Music, Graphic Design, Visual Arts Education, focusing on:

  • Contemporary Music
  • Music Education
  • Musicology
  • Music Theory and Composition
  • Fine Arts
  • Art History
  • Visual Arts Education
  • Visual Communication/ Communication Studies and Social History
  • Graphic Design
  • Curatorial Studies
  • Museum Studies
  • Media Theories
  • Illustration and Comic Book Design
  • Typography and Graphic Production

The research interests of the Department Faculty focus on, among others: Musicology, recent Greek art music and its interactions with neighbouring cultures, music composition, revised compositions of the first half of the twentieth century, creativity, music and politics, multiculturalism and music education, instrumental music education and early childhood music education. Other research interests include: philosophical and historical investigations of the virtual, curatorial practices and pedagogy, art history,  contemporary art practices/participatory art, art perception and its impact, employment of technology in museums/art/contemporary artists’ engagement with technology, motion design, 3D computer animation and Telematics Arts, as well as the exploration of a variety of aspects in Art and Design (such as design of book covers, posters, logotypes, advertisements and the construction of corporate imagery), graphic design techniques, illustration, image manipulation, comic book designs and 3D digital modelling.


Faculty Research Interests:

Dr Sophia Hadjipapa – Gee, Associate Professor (Fine Art)

  • Contemporary art practices, public art interventions, participatory art, urbanism;
  • Identities and how they are expressed  in art;
  • Art history and mysticism: sacred geometry, sacred symbols;
  • Art perception and impact.

Dr Yiannis Miralis, Associate Professor (Music Education)

  •  Instrumental music education;
  •  Multicultural music education & world music pedagogy;
  • Music teacher education;
  • Greek & Cypriot folk and art music;
  • Saxophone chamber music.

Dr Georgia Petroudi, Assistant Professor (Musicology)

  • Revised compositions: analysis and comparative analysis of versions of works.  Investigation of methods of revisions;
  • Music and politics. How political conflict and war affect musical creation;
  • Cypriot art music in the twentieth century;
  • Identities in music and music nationalism.

Dr Evis Sammoutis, Assistant Professor (Music Theory and Composition)

  • Exploring creatively the relationship between timbre and harmony; 
  • Exploring unorthodox methods of playing musical instruments and vocal methods;
  • Interdisciplinary collaborations;
  • Documenting and examining the creative relationship between performer and composer; 
  • Contemporary guitar repertoire. 

Dr Elena Stylianou, Assistant Professor (Art Theory & Museum Studies)

  • Virtual realities, technologies of representation and museums;
  • Photography, the display of death in museums and affect;
  • Contemporary artists, photography, and museum interventions;
  • Experimental publications, contemporary curatorial practices and pedagogy.

Mr Tasos Anastasiades, Lecturer (Graphics, Visual Communication, Illustration and Comic Book Design)

  • Graphic design;
  • Graphic Art;
  • Illustration;
  • Comic books;
  • 3D digital art & image manipulation.

Ms Yianna Christophorou, Lecturer (Graphics, Visual Communication, Typography and Graphic Production)

  • Package design and semiology;
  • Visual communication and social engagement;
  • Information design;
  • Micro-typography.

Ms Demetra Englezou, Special Teaching Personnel (Web Design and 3D Design and Animation)

  • Developing new pedagogy techniques for teaching Motion Design to Deaf Students.
  • Exploring  Kinetic Typography in animation
  • Exploring new methods of animating with the use of Stop Motion Software
  • Developing techniques for Real-time motion graphics
  • Motion-based interaction in design


Research Laboratories

Cultural Studies and Contemporary Arts Laboratory

Director: Dr Elena Stylianou


Description:  The Cultural Studies and Contemporary Arts Laboratory, founded in 2014, is unique in its mission to engage in innovative and cutting-edge research in areas crossing and combining various fields of study such as, arts history, museum studies, curatorial studies, musicology, media theories, communication studies and social theory.

The main aims of the Laboratory are to (a) encourage innovative and interdisciplinary research in contemporary arts; (b) investigate new approaches to researching the arts and establish new research methodologies that bridge theory and practice; and (c) build a network of scholars, practitioners, and various cultural institutions in Cyprus and abroad (museums, galleries, cultural heritage sector, the Ministry of Education and Culture, contemporary arts centers, schools etc.) engaged with the study and promotion of the arts.

Research Highlights

  • ON/CURATING Research Project:

On/curating is an online platform based on the research project submitted by Dr Elena Stylianou: “The political potential of curatorial practices and educational paradigms” funded by the Internal Research Grant Scheme of European University Cyprus.  The project involves the critical investigation of various curatorial practices in Cyprus and abroad.

  • The international symposium “Curatorial Practices Reframed: Politics and Pedagogy in Curating Contemporary Art” that ensued as part of the ON/CURATING research project, took place in November 2014 in Nicosia, Cyprus and became an integral element of the above mentioned research project. Its aim was to bring together curators, museum professionals, artists and academics, in order to examine the complexities of curatorial practices within the current socio-political and economic landscape, and to investigate curating’s political potential as a new radical trend of critical cultural production and pedagogy. The program of the symposium included 33 presentations from 17 different countries, a keynote lecture by Dr Dorothee Richter from Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland, a panel discussion on the subject of “Curating at Times of Crisis and Educational Implications” by Prof. Pam Meecham, Dr Julia Moritz, Dr Maja Ciric and Michael Birchall, two workshops and parallel events at the Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre.
  • Living Museums: Collaborative Creation, Performance & Education Based on Museum Artefacts”, is a unique program of intensive study that Dr Evis Sammoutis conceived and delivered. The program has received funding of €22,000 from the EU Lifelong Learning Program. This program brought together students and faculty from Cyprus, the UK and the Netherlands in a collaborative, project-based learning environment in July 2014. The project’s culmination was a special event that took place at the Cyprus Museum, attracting a very large audience.  The museum space and its collection became the focal points of a wide range of interdisciplinary activities, including the composition and performance of new student works and the creation of visual art pieces aeducational workshops and a project website, which is currently being finalized. All creative work, including the website, photographs, press materials as well as two upcoming documentaries were created exclusively by students. Two other faculty members, Dr Elena Stylianou and Ms Demetra Englezou were part of the EUC teaching team, significantly contributing to the success of the project. 
  • IMF – International Motion Festival: The IMF, now through its 3rd edition, was initially established by Ms Demetra Englezou as a platform for showcasing innovative motion design films, spanning from motion graphics, to 2D and 3D animation, video art, and shorts in the wider Mediterranean region. It is the first of its kind both in Cyprus and the broader Mediterranean and Middle East region, aiming to bring together film-makers, video artists, computer animators, graphic designers and their audience and to familiarize the public with what has traditionally remained as the “invisible art”: motion graphics. The Second International Motion festival – IMF 2013 expanded on the success of the first edition of 2012. Out of 800 Submissions from 41 countries were selected and showcased in 11 categories 140 films. For 2,5 days participants enjoyed screenings in 3 rooms for 33 hours, 6 Talks including key note speakers: Kimon Mataras – UK /Cyprus, Fred Burdy and Sean McGrath–Windmill Lane productions, Ireland; Bernie Roux – South Africa /Sweden; Anthimos Xenos - Greece; Yianna Americanou–Media Desk, Cyprus; Renos Demetriou-Cyprus Creative Club. Finally the IMF hosted two Festivals within a Festival: shortshort 2012 (Japan) and animate Cologne*OFF 2013 (Germany).
  • ComicCon Cyprus

A distinguished comic book artist himself, faculty member Mr Tasos Anastasiades was one of the main organizers of the first Comic Con in Cyprus, hosting many renowned artists, such as Comic Book writer Neil Gibson, creator of UK’s Number 1 Amazon graphic novel Twisted Dark. Moreover, workshops, stalls, games, cosplay, lectures, workshops and screenings were only a few of the scheduled activities.

  • Participation in the European project “Women in Music: Uniting Strategies for Talent” (WIMUST), in collaboration with the organization Donne in Musica in Italy. This was a concert for the project WIMUST dedicated to women composers, in collaboration with the international organization Donne in Musica. The concert was attended by members of the European Parliament Ms. Silvia Costa (IT) and Mrs. Antigoni Papadopoulou (CY), as well as the president of the organization, Mrs. Patricia Adkins Ghiti.
  • Participation in a Grundtvig project entitled “Art for Multicultural Communities” (AMC), with partners from Austria, UK, Hungary and Estonia. Gave the first performance of Playback Theatre in Cyprus.


Selected Recent Peer Reviewed Faculty Publications:

Dr Sophia Hadjipapa – Gee

  • Treasure Island, Nicosia Municipal Art Centre,  Nicosia, 26/9/2014-8/11/2014,
  • Art in Odd Places: The Artifacts—selected ephemera 13/9/2014–28/9/2014, Governor’s Island, NY,
  • The Colour of Truth, Goethe Institute, Nicosia  17/3/13 -31/3/13,
  • Global Positioning System (So You Say You Want a Revolution), Westside Gallery, NY, 28/7/2012 - 18/8/2012,

Dr Yiannis Miralis

  • “World musics and cultural diversity in the music classroom and the community” book chapter at “The Oxford Handbook of Qualitative Research in Music Education,” Ed. Colleen Conway, 553-570, (2014).
  • «Music education and world music pedagogy: Recent trends, problems and prospects” (in Greek), book chapter at «Music Education Issues,» Ed. Xanthoulla Papapanagiorou, 89-110, (2010).

Dr Georgia Petroudi

  • Petroudi G., “Maurice Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloé: surpassing obstacles », Revisiting the Past, Recasting the Present: The Reception of Greek Antiquity in Music, 19th Century to the Present, International Conference, BASEES Study Group for Russian and Eastern European Music, Polyphonia Journal, Hellenic Music Centre, Athens, 2014, pp. 51-56.
  • Petroudi G., “Solon Michaelides: Hymn and Lament for Cyprus”, 10th International Conference in Musicology, Belgrade, April, 2010.

Dr Evis Sammoutis

  • Sculpting air. York, UK: University of York Music Press (UYMP) (2014)

Commissioned by Neue Vocalsolisten and the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation

  • Engravings. York, UK: University of York Music Press (UYMP) (2014)

Commissioned by Ensemble Modern

  • Νυξ - Nyx. York, UK: University of York Music Press (UYMP) (2013)

Commissioned by 62 Internationaler Musikwettbewerb der ARD München

  • Ρίμες – Rhymes. York, UK: University of York Music Press (UYMP) (2013)

Commissioned by the International Music Institute Darmstadt (IMD) / Arditti Quartet

Dr Elena Stylianou

  • Stylianou, E. (2014) “Artists’ Photographic Reflections: Imag(in)ing the Art Museum Through Fictional Narratives”, photographise, 7(2), 181-200
  • Stylianou, E. (2014) “The Archive as a Space for Negotiating Identities: Defying Cypriotness in the work of Haris Epaminonda and Christodoulos Panayiotou”, in L. Wells, T. Stylianou-Lambert & N. Philippou (eds.) Photography and Cyprus: Time, Place and Identity (pp.240-263). London, UK: I.B.Tauris.
  • Stylianou, E. (2013) “Broadening Museum Pedagogy: An art intervention at the Archaeological Museum of Cyprus by Angelos Makrides and Phanos Kyriacou,” in J. Baldacchino & R. Vella (eds.) Mediterranean Art and Education: Navigating Local, Regional, and Global Imaginaries through the Lens of the Arts and Learning (pp. 7-28). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers. 
  • Meecham, P. & Stylianou, E. (2012) “Interactive Technologies in the Art Museum”, Design for Living, 5(1-2), 94-146. Available online at:

Mr Tasos Anastasiades

Published Visual Work/Comics:

  • 2014: “Fascista’’ Graphic Novel
  • 2014: ''Current'' Comic Book Anthology

Mrs Yianna Christophorou


  • 7th United Designs (2014) - International Poster Biennial & [Publication of work at the exhibition catalogue], United States (Shanghai)
  • 6th United Designs (2013) - International Poster Biennial & [Publication of work at the exhibition catalogue], United States (Missouri, St Louis)
  • KnowNow (2013) - Group Art Exhibition, Cultural Center Vladimiros Kafkarides [Participation]
  • Cadences. Literature Journal (2012) – [Publication of Work at the Cover of the 8th Issue]

Mrs Demetra Englezou

Publications /Festivals 

  • Invited Artist to the International group exhibition “Espacio Byte“, an online digital art museum based in Argentina // June 2014
  • Invited Artist to the International Event in Cyprus, Dialogue in Poetry June 2014  
  • Created the Film ''Unexpectedly''
    • selected for participation at the “7th ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival“ 2014
    • selected for participation at the “Bienal Internacional De Video Y Cine Contemporáneo Videofest“ 2014
    • selected for participation at the “Festival de Cinema de Girona“ 2014
    • selected for participation at the  “Access Code Short Film Festival“ 2014​

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