School of Humanities, Social and Education Sciences

Message from the Dean

Our School of Humanities, Social and Education Sciences, is a leading and innovative School, engaged in pioneering teaching and research work in Cyprus and beyond in the fields of Education, Teaching and Pedagogy, the Arts, Design, Music, Humanities, Psychology and the broader Social Sciences.

The School consists of four Departments; the Department of Arts, the Department of Educational Sciences, the Department of Humanities and the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences. All offer four-year undergraduate programs and postgraduate programs (both conventional and distance learning), as well as PhD studies in Education, Music Education, and Psychology.

The School is defined by its high-level academic environment, the production of innovative scientific knowledge in the relevant scientific fields, as well as significant interventions within Cypriot society.

In the context of our broader effort to differentiate from other similar programs and generally within the international academic community, we have invested in designing and implementing innovative courses of study. At the same time, the diversity of the scientific knowledge, the specialization and experience of our academic staff ensure the provision of first class education and training for our undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students. They strengthen and enrich their experience in a broad and varied range of scientific fields and research in the Arts, Education Sciences and in Humanities and Social Sciences.

Our students are supported by the School’s specialist scientific associates, our state of the art research laboratories, high-tech facilities as well as the University’s rich library. Our student-centred approach guarantees that students achieve the best possible academic results and attain the full range of skills necessary for their further professional development.

Our students also have the opportunity to participate in local and European research programs that not only offer opportunities for mobility but also the capacity to explore new fields and partnerships.

Our focus on Excellence combined with the comprehensive educational experience offered by European University Cyprus aims at preparing students for their future role as, among others, artists, educators, psychologists, linguists, social workers and researchers.

We at the School are fully aware, and surveys consistently confirm, that our students deeply appreciate their experience here and maintain close and strong bonds with European University Cyprus after graduation.


 We look forward to welcoming you.

Prof. Marios Vryonides

Dean, School of Humanities, Social and Education Sciences

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