School Profile

The School of Humanities, Social and Education Sciences of European University Cyprus has four Departments: The Department of Arts, the Department of Education Sciences, the Department of Humanities and the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences.


Faculty members of the School enjoy excellent reputation in their respective fields and are valuable research contributors in Cyprus and abroad.  With an emphasis on critical thinking, and excellence in all forms of teaching, the academic staff of the School aim to prepare students for their future roles as working professionals, teachers, researchers and artists. That is why the School curricula aim to provide quality education, which will enable undergraduate and postgraduate students to be involved in the educational, cultural and social aspects of life in Cyprus and overseas.


The faculty of the School participates heavily in research and has established various cooperation partnerships with academic institutions, associations, international agencies, covering areas such as education, graphics, arts and music.


Since its inception, the Department of Education Sciences was characterized by a high demand in both its undergraduate programs of Primary Education and Early Childhood Education, as well as its postgraduate programs in Special (Inclusive) Education, Educational Leadership, Early Childhood Education, and Technologies of Learning and Communication. This is mainly due to the high level of teaching as well as the extensive research interests of the academic members of the Department. All the programs in education are respected for the outstanding work that is done for the compulsory modules of practical training, a necessary requirement which will determine the quality of teachers for the future generations.


The Department of Arts provides remarkable programs in Graphics and in Music, as well as postgraduate programs in Music Education, and Visual Arts Education. Students of the department have helped develop a multicultural campus at the university with the various cultural and creative events they organize on a regular basis.


The School of Arts and Education Sciences is the first School of European University Cyprus that introduced doctorate degrees in Education Sciences, with specializations in Special (Inclusive) Education and Educational Leadership.  It is also the School that first offered its postgraduate programs leading to Master’s degrees in distance education mode.

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