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Message from the Dean

Business Administration was the starting point of the then Cyprus College.  More than half a century later the Ioannis Gregoriou School of Business Administration of European University Cyprus still goes strong and it is in the process of reinventing itself.  In these testing times, we face the uncertainties of the financial environment and the new realities created as a challenge and not as an obstacle.  We build upon our solid foundations and plan for a bright future.

I have referred to our past extensively as I believe that we have many reasons to celebrate. Our undergraduate programs in business have supported the transformation of Cyprus to an economic center and our graduates have been in the first line of business related professions with an emphasis on accounting, marketing, management, tourism and finance.  Our MBA program, one of the first in the country and certainly one of the most successful has created a new generation of business executives in Cyprus and abroad. 

The events of March 2013 have been a shock to the backbone of the National economy.  We have listened, we have learned, we have regrouped and we are ready to face the new challenges.  The Ioannis Gregoriou School of Business Administration enters this new era with a number of solutions at hand and we will successfully get through. We are proud to have a newly introduced BSc in Aviation Management, a unique program, the one and only in SE Europe. 

Our aims for 2020 are to become a Centre of excellence in specific areas, to reach to the business world, enhance the employability aspect of our graduates and to internationalize further our programs.  We will be working hard to increase our research output in terms of high quality journal publication and citations, books and monographies.  We will be investing on the new realities and opportunities that the recent discovery of hydrocarbons has created. New, interesting, current programs, will be created that will influence the generation that will be ready to manage the changes in the economy and the country.  Our PhD program in Business Administration will be our tool to come closer to our aims of achieving excellence.  Our Centre of Excellence in Risk and Decision Science (CERIDES), a multidisciplinary research center, leads the way in achieving high-level research results, with a number of newly established research posts and over 1.85 Mn. 

We already have strong relationships with the local and parts of the international business community, this is evident through our the Advisory Boards of our programs, we will try to enhance this further, we are interested to build long lasting relationships of mutual benefit with even more businesses.  We want to listen to the workers and the business communities and streamline our programs towards becoming compatible with their needs.   We want to develop socially responsible leaders with the capability to solve problems, manage organizations, inspire entrepreneurship and be innovative!

I am confident that with our solid foundations from the past, our commitment to excellence and our quest for new challenges, we will achieve the aims we have set for 2020; certainly, the next few years will be very interesting and exciting!

Professor George Boustras

Dean of the Ioannis Gregoriou School of Business Administration

Director, Centre for Risk and Decision Science (CERIDES)

Prof George Boustras

Dean of the Ioannis Gregoriou School of Business Administration

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