School Profile

The School offers programs of study leading to undergraduate, graduate and doctorate degrees. The School has three Departments: the Department of Computer Science & Engineering the Department of Health Sciences and the Department of Life Sciences.


The academic staff of the School has established important academic and professional partnerships with academic institutions, professional bodies, private and public organizations, for the exchange of know-how, student exchange and joint research projects. The Department of Sciences cooperates with different organizations in the private and public sector, for the placement of students as part of their practical and clinical training, a requirement for the successful completion of a number of programs of the Department.


The School programs aim to provide students with the necessary theoretical, practical and scientific knowledge as well as valuable skills to enable them to offer their best professional expertise as future nutritionists, physiotherapists, nurses, biologists, engineers and computer scientists.


The Nursing Degree at European University Cyprus is recognized by the European Commission as an approved program, covered by Directive 2013/55/EE on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications between Member States. Graduate Nurses with the B.Sc. degree in Nursing from European University Cyprus, are therefore able to exercise their profession in all European Union member states.


European University Cyprus is the only University in Cyprus and in Greece that offers a Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy.


The degrees of the School of Sciences are fully recognized by the relevant professional bodies which is a requirement for employment into the relevant sectors. Such programs include, "Computing" and "Computer Engineering" that are recognized by the Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK); the degree "Radiodiagnostics-Radiotherapy"  by the Radiologic Technologists and Radiation Therapy Technologists Registration Council and the program "Nutrition-Dietetics" by the Food Technologists, Nutritionists and Dieticians Registration Council.

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