Health Insurance

All international students must have health insurance, covering medical expenses incurred as a consequence of an accident or health problems that arise after the student’s arrival in Cyprus. You may download a copy of the Student Health Insurance contract here.  

The insurance company must be notified about any accident within two days of an accident. Doctors’ reports, prescriptions, and receipts must be submitted along with any claim for reimbursement, within 15 days of an accident.

Funds are reimbursed within one month. A claims form can be obtained from the Accounts Office. 

Injuries resulting from the practice of hazardous sports (such as diving, racing, mountaineering, skiing, etc.) are not covered. 

EU students are strongly advised to acquire a European Health Insurance Card, entitling them to basic health care in other EU states. Participants that do not have such a card are required to have private health insurance. In both cases, however, students are advised to acquire additional insurance, sufficient to cover repatriation and specific medical interventions. Copies of all health insurance documents must be made available to European University Cyprus. 

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