Terms and Conditions

All the materialscontained herein are an integral and binding part of this Housing Agreement. It is the student’s responsibility to become familiar with all provisions of this Agreement. To the extent that any provision in thiscontract issusceptible to more than one meaning, the interpretation of the Director of Housing Services or his/her designee shallcontrol.

  1. Reservation Policy: A Housing Deposit of €350 isrequired for reserving an apartment. The deposit is used against damagesthat might occur during residents’ stay. The Housing Deposit is refunded to the student upon contract expiration and after the apartment is delivered in a “broom-clean” condition and undamaged. Residents will be held responsible for damages to, or loss of property in the apartment.
  2. Housing Deposit - Refund Policy: If a student chooses to cancel the Housing Application prior to entry in the Housing facilities, the following Reservation Refund Policy will be in effect:
    Fall Semester Spring Semester
    Prior to 1 September 100% Prior to 1 January 100%
    Prior to 15 September 75% Prior to 15 January 75%
    Prior to 22 September 50% Prior to 22 January 50%
    Prior to 29 September 25% Prior to 29 January 25%
    After to 30 September 0 After 31 January 0
    The deposit is required to insure European University Cyprus against loss through unpaid rent charges, property loss and excessive wear and tear. Upon termination of the Housing Contract and submission of keys, the housing deposit isrefunded, less any amount due for damages (including common area damages), unpaid rent and any other outstanding University charges. In addition, for the refund of the depositsthe residentmustsubmit the final water and electricity bills. Payment of the Housing Deposit does not necessary guarantee apartment assignment. Apartment assignment is subject to availability.
  3. Key Deposit: The Key Deposit of €40 is payable together with the Housing Deposit and it is fully refundable at the end of the contract and upon returning the key to the Housing Office.
  4. Fire Extinguisher Deposit: Residents who reside in two bedroom apartments in Serenity or Perfect House or Cyprialfie Residence must remit a deposit of €11 per resident. Residents who reside in one bedroom/studio apartmentmust remit €21. This deposit isfullyrefundable upon return of the fire extinguisher when the contract expires and provided that the fire extinguisher is returned intact.
  5. Connectivity Fee: In case residents wish to connect water and electricity in their apartment prior to their arrival they can do so through the Connectivity Service. Formore information contact the Housing Office.
    1. Apartment Assignment.. The University reserves the right to make apartment assignments, to authorize or deny room and roommate changes, to consolidate vacancies, and to require a student to move from one apartment to another. Apartment assignments take place only upon written authorization from the Housing Office. Apartmentsin the University’s Housing Facilities are to be occupied only bythe students assigned to them. A student’sright to occupy an apartment in the University’s housing facilities pursuant to this Agreement may not be assigned or transferred by the student.
    2. Consolidation.The University may consolidate apartments to fullcapacity when vacancies occur andmove a student to another apartment when such consolidations become necessary. Students who have a two bedroomapartmentcontract and who do not have a roommate, must either move to another apartment or a roommate will be assigned by the Housing Office. Any apartmentchangemust be approved and be completed within five days after notification to consolidate. If the consolidation has not occurred within this five day period, the student will automatically be charged and legally obligated to pay for both rooms in a two bedroom apartment.
    3. Contract Duration. All housing contractsin Serenity House and Cyprialife Residence have a duration of one year. The contract periods are fixed and all housing contracts begin on September 01 and end on August 31.
    4. Check-in / Check-out Policy.Upon entryto an apartment, all residents will receive the Check-in Form, which they will need to complete and submit to the Housing Office one week after their entry to the apartment. Each resident will need to submit a separate Form (two and three bedroom apartments). The Checkin Formwill detail the condition of the apartment and upon contract expiration, during the Check-out, a Housing Officer will evaluate the condition. Failure to submit the Check-in Form will result to charging the resident for all damages found in the apartment during the Check-out process. The residents must deliver the apartment in the same condition in which they received it. Furthermore, the apartmentshould be delivered with all items and furnishings which are described hereafter and on the Check-in Form. Personal property left in an apartment following the termination of the occupancy will be considered abandoned and the Housing Office will give instructions for its disposal.
    5. Description of Furniture and Fixings. All studio/one/two/ three/four bedroom apartments in Cyprialife Residence and Serenity House contain: 1/2/3 single bed(s), desk(s), library shelves, desk chair(s), armchairs, a coffee table,chest of drawers, a TV stand, a cupboard, a dining table with two chairs, curtains and bathroom fittings. The kitchen isfully equipped with an oven, cooker, refrigerator and a room controlled heat/aircondition unit. No alterations or repairs may be made to the assigned apartment, to its furnishing or equipment without the written consent of the Housing Office.
    6. Utilities.All utility bills(water, electricity, etc.) and/or deposits or taxes are the sole responsibility of the tenant. Upon contract expiration, residentsmust present a receipt of payment for thewater and electricity bill before theycan collect their Housing Deposit
    7. Internet Connection. Wireless connection is offered free of charge to all Housing Facilities. It isimportant to note that in case of internet connection abuse the connection may fail to provide access to the internet, in some cases it maycause termination of the users’ internet access. The resident will be charged €100 in the event that he/she damagesthemodem. All Housing Facilities have the necessary provisions in case any residents wish to have their own internetconnection, at their own expense
    8. Cancellation Policy.Students who have signed a housing contract and who have commenced occupancy in Cyprialife Residence and Serenity House will be held responsible for fulfilling their obligation under the contract. A student who withdrawsfrom University housing will be obligated to pay for the full contract period. Cancellations are only possible in the event of unexpected charge of conditions in the family (i.e. serious illness, loss in the family) or war or political arrest to the country of origin of a student.
    9. Contract Renewal.The resident is required to notify the Housing Office three months prior to the end of the housing contract whether he/she wishesto renew his/hercontract in order to safeguard availability. The Housing Office reserves the right to rent the apartment to another individual after the above set period. As per Housing policies 30% of the current residence have the opportunity to renew theircontracts.
    10. Delinquent Account. Payment not made by the due date as shown in the method of payment (see paragraph 18), may result in the following actions after the 7th calendar day:
      1. Eviction from the assigned apartment and assessment of withdrawal charges. The resident is evicted from the apartment but the full amount of the Housing Fees as designated by the contract will remain payable.
      2. A late payment charge of €30 (if payment is remitted within 15 working days).
      3. Restriction of registration for the next semester until all delinquent payments are made
    11. University Obligation. The University has an obligation to ensure an atmosphere conductive to learning, allowing residents to study and rest with a degree of privacy within their apartment. The Housing Office reserves the right to reassign, suspend, or terminate a Resident’s Agreement when such action is deemed necessary or it is recommended by the Resident Assistant or any other staff member orcommittee.
    12. University Liability. The University does not assume any obligation or liability for loss or damage to items of personal property which may occur in the building. Thisincludes but is not limited to damage, loss, fire, theft, flooding etc.
    13. Code of Conduct.. Allresidents are required to abide bythe code ofconductcontained in the University’s Bulletin and Housing Guide.
    14. Enforcement Cost. Should the Universityincur any expenses in the enforcement of any terms of this Agreement, the resident shall pay the cost of such enforcement included, but not limited, to attorney fees.
    15. The Right to Entry. The Universityreservesthe right to enter an apartment without notice or permission from the residents to performroutinemaintenance inspection and offer repairservices. Furthermore, the Housing Office reserves the right to inspect an apartment if there isreasonable cause to believe that the tenant is in breach of contract or that the apartment contains any of the prohibited items listed below.
    16. Prohibited Items. The following items are not permitted to be used or stored in student apartments or any other area: any acids, gasoline, firearms or other weapons, drugs or fireworks. Due to health standards and possible inconvenience to other residents, no animals other than fish, are to be housed or kept in the residential facilities.
    17. Housing Contract Termination by the University. The University may terminate a Housing Agreement for the following reasons:
      1. for non-payment.
      2. upon disciplinary dismissal of a student from the University.
      3. upon violation of a term or condition of occupancy by the student or his/her visitor(s).
    18. Method of payment
      Cyprialife Residence Serenity House  
    Installment Procedure Studio One bedroom Apartment Two bedroom Apartment Three bedroom Apartment Payment Period
    Housing& Key Deposits €390 €390 €390 €390 Upon reservation
    Payment 1 €810 €1485 €870 €810 Upon entry in the apartment
    Payment 2 €270 €495 €290 €270 02 October
    Payment 3 €270 €495 €290 €270 02 November
    Payment 4 €270 €495 €290 €270 01 December
    Payment 5 €270 €495 €290 €270 07 January
    Payment 6 €270 €495 €290 €270 01 February
    Payment 7 €270 €495 €290 €270 02 March
    Payment 8 €270 €495 €290 €270 02 April
    Payment 9 €270 €495 €290 €270 02 May
    Payment 10 €270 €495 €290 €270 02 June
    Refund €390 €390 €390 €390 Upon contract expiration

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