Speech Language and Hearing Clinic

The Speech Language and Hearing Clinic was established in 2010. The mission of the Language, Speech, and Hearing Clinic is two-fold: to provide services that fit the unique communication needs and improve the quality of life for individuals with communication disorders and their families, and to promote excellence in clinical training of the Speech Therapy Program students.

The Clinic provides clients and community with up-to date Clinical Speech Therapy services; it provides high quality supervision and clinical education to Speech Therapy students; facilitates planning and implementation of high quality research in Speech Therapy. The Clinic offers to students the opportunity to apply diagnostic and therapy principles in an environment with direct supervision in the introductory stage followed by controlled practice later, in order to acquire skills and confidence to provide high quality services. A successful course through the Clinic prepares students for a successful final Clinical Practicum and a successful professional career. The Speech Language and Hearing Clinic provides services for children and adults with disorders in Written and Oral language, Speech, Hearing, Fluency, Swallowing, and Voice. Clinical activities are planned and supervised by Pathologists of the Speech Program Faculty, as well as Clinical instructors registered with the Cyprus Association of Speech Therapists. The Speech Language and Hearing Clinic collaborates with Speech Therapists, physicians, and Hospitals for referrals and service delivery.

The Speech Language and Hearing Clinic is housed in a specifically designated area, self-contained, modified to provide accommodations for the Clinic needs. Facilities include a classroom allocated for Speech and Language Therapy Students, 7 Speech Therapy rooms, an Audiology room, faculty offices, and observation areas allowing direct observation through audio and video recordings, with two-way mirrors in all therapy rooms.

The Clinic facilities and infrastructure are state-of-the art and they include five (7) therapy rooms; Audiology Booth for hearing and auditory function assessment; waiting room; conference room and two model classrooms. The Clinic instrumentation includes instruments to measure nasal and voice function (nasometer, Visi-Pitch); a complete library of standardized tests of speech and language (in Greek and English); Video-otoscope, clinical audiometer, tympatometer; Internal Audio-visual supervision system.

The Clinic services include diagnostic and hearing evaluations and intervention for disorders of language, speech, feeding/swallowing. Specifically, the Clinic provides identification and intervention for all ages in the areas of developmental speech disorders; language delay/disorders; language and speech disorders related to CVA; communication disorders related to neurological disease; memory and attention disorders; fluency disorders; voice disorders; laryngectomy-rehabilitation; disorders of feeding and swallowing; other disorders of Speech and Language; hearing evaluations for children and adults; aural rehabilitation; evaluations of auditory processing.

Services are provided by experienced clinical personnel from the Language, Speech and Hearing Clinic of European University Cyprus, as well as by supervised students. The Clinic accepts referrals from pediatricians, medical specialists and other professionals, including psychologists, educators, ergo and physical therapists, schools, medical centers and parents.

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